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Why women are hard to only belong to oneself, when I become a mother after a time: to resist the "object" of the process – Sohu every girl, as if from a very young age, active passive, began to naturally or half unconsciously become "mother" preparation. From the first to the pregnant girl menarche period (girlhood), our physical, psychological and social are brewing in the maternal period (motherhood) arrival. We continue to get from outside to the world is only a good mother "," the mother of a child with the influence of his life "," women have been a mother, is a woman of integrity "," love is the most selfless "and so on. We even from the girls in the period before the house and other games repeatedly play the role of a mother. But what we are going to talk about today is how the concept of motherhood has affected the psychological development of women. Cecile (Institutionalized), a "institutionalized" poet and feminist Adrienne Rich, put forward the concept of "institutionalized motherhood" in 1976. It refers to the patriarchal society gave birth to a kind of expectation. Motherhood is constructed as a kind of discourse. That is to say, it is constructed as a "no need to discuss" default state, a kind of absolute justice. The result of this construction is that the mainstream of society believes that, as a woman, "one day will become a mother" is not a matter of "choice", is an important aspect of women’s identity has a natural and health. Have a woman’s physiological structure, pregnancy, in their own bodies to nurture embryos, production, nurture children, are naturally bound together, forming a set of indisputable fixed. This fixed collocation affects our feelings of "blood". For example, we all know the genetic factors by chromosome carrying, but many of us still think, surrogacy (others in in vivo development, production) children, "feeling and (full) their children are not the same". The patriarchal society for "second layer motherhood" construction, is the "mother is the child’s primary caregiver" and "motherhood is always put the interests of the child in their own interests before the construction," before the words. Although more and more families also appeared as the primary caregivers of the father, we still feel that "more" is when we see a strange family will make the first guess mother to take care of the children. Similarly, when we hear the mother for the child to give up his own story, we will be moved but not accidental; and to hear those deprived of the interests of the child mother’s story, we sigh "how can there be such a mother? The dual construction of the society affects the choice of the female as a mother, and how to practice the content and standard of "mother". She was in Of Woman motherhood as experience and Born: Insti相关的主题文章:

[network] CLS recommendation: arrangement of three 16274th and the value range of 11 – 252016273 and the value is 16, the parity ratio of 2:1, the size ratio of 2:1, and the stress value and the more consistent, and the value trend remains unchanged, and the value returned with the same landing point, and is expected to remain stable in value trend, optimistic and the range of 11 – 25. A number of award number 5, number ball force is not stable, the ball out of the cold than the previous period rose 4 points to 5 yards, the ball back to the middle of the edge number trend, the recent ball may be in the surrounding areas to stay, the ball about stress weakened surrounding cold code out, the ball number two in a promising 12679 award number 8, number ball trend is relatively stable, the ball went down, the ball number out than the previous period dropped 1 points cold code 8, code ball is weakened, the ball placement might still be wandering the amplitude should not be significant, while paying attention to high on the defensive rebound, the ball number three in a promising 04568 award number 3, the number of balls to reduce the stress, the ball fell out over the low-end 3 points cold code 3, on both sides of the ball has been shaken, the other cold code May be driven out, out of the ball from the overall defense cold code point, the ball number value 03479 recommended: 103249657760984相关的主题文章:

Weinan villagers steal farmers eat celery resulted in many poisoning hospitalized western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Du Peng Weinan Taiwan Cao Panpan Fan Dongbao) recently, Weinan District of Linwei City, Guan Di Zhen Zi Guo Cun of several villagers and their relatives and friends, eating from outside the village to a piece of land in privately picking celery, 9 people hospitalized poisoning. November 3rd evening, Weinan Central Hospital emergency infusion hall, a row of beds lying seven patients. Chang Xiuli said on the bed, in October 30th, her family of three people in the mouth of a private home after picking a celery, there have been symptoms of poisoning. Weinan District of Linwei City, Guan Di Zhen Zi Guo village Chang Xiuli: "eat celery is medical, basically is four or five hours after the attack began to vomit, his food is in the abstract, even if we privately with your dish right, not enough for so many people to go with death." The same as eating celery poisoning as well as villagers Huang Xiaoqin family, she regretted having told reporters, in addition to their eating, she also secretly picked celery gave his maiden, mother and four other relatives lead poisoning in hospital. Reporter: who are they?" Linwei District, the town of Guan Guo Guo Guo village villagers Huang Xiaoqin: This is my two dad, my mother and then I have a sister who is the two in the hospital in the three road in." Reporters learned from the hospital, these patients were sent to the emergence of vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, diagnosed as acute organophosphorus pesticide poisoning". In November 4th, the reporters came to the purple vegetable Guo Cun outside, see there is no celery. The ground is inserted with a "toxic" word sign around and no protective network facilities. It is understood that the celery from outside the village on a rented, usually unattended. Wife Ann said, in the celery is often the local villagers secretly picking, recently celery vegetable prices, in order to prevent the economic losses caused by decapitation of celery, she played for the pesticide ground celery in October 29th, and the "toxic" set up warning signs in the fields. Celery growers a wife: "no pesticide dry, you eat my food, medicine is toxic, I applied in what you say I have no responsibility?" The safety of a pesticide in their rented garden, and specially have the "toxic" warning signs, some villagers near by secretly feeding celery poisoning in hospital, so whether the owner should be responsible for food? Shaanxi Taipu An Xiaoling law firm lawyers believe that celery growers pesticide behavior belongs to no fault liability, even if objectively subjectively, without any fault, it shall bear tort liability. Shaanxi top lawyer An Xiaoling: "the use of pesticides apparently is the warning but not security, if the victim does have evidence to prove their damage results because of the behavior of the people caused by the spraying of pesticides, so they can be divided and judged by the people’s court proceedings and shall make the responsibility to the people’s court in accordance with the" the law of tort liability "."相关的主题文章:

"Village" upgrade turned apartment rents rose 30% – market dynamics – Locke Guangzhou?? Guangzhou second-hand rental market in September concentrated in the center of the city "outbreak", the relationship between supply and demand that part of the village of the original village house "rise, after upgrading turned apartment, rent more than 30% or more. The industry believes that the village house to upgrade the apartment to change the traditional model of the tenant to find their own tenants, is expected to become a new force in the rental market. ?? "Village" to upgrade the apartment rental market area?? effect?? it is understood that in the housing boom to the city center, the housing shortage situation intensifies. At the same time, the rise of a number of apartments homeopathy to seize the market. The relevant agencies responsible person said, in the village of the village, Jubei, Tianhe Cencun, this type of impact on apartment rental market deepening and gradually expand. These apartments mainly by the operator from the hands of the villagers to lease or buy the whole building, re decoration, and equipped with electrical appliances, furniture, etc., the hotel room for the centralized management and rental. The industry believes that this model compared to the previous progress. The reporter learned that, before there have been operators from Village Owners hands "collection" for rental housing, but the houses are usually scattered in different buildings, but also to the owners after the renovation permit, the cost and difficulty are relatively large. ?? Since the building of "village house" after renovation, rent rise. Li Chao, for example, the village common 1BEDROOM apartment layout, before the transformation of market rent in 1200 January, once the decoration upgrades, the rent can be up to 1800 yuan or so, the rent increase is as high as 50%. "Village house" to upgrade the apartment to achieve their own rental growth, but also the impact of the rental market in the region. Insiders found in a small area of the original village in the rental market, the same apartment layout unit, this kind of apartment than since the building price of ordinary unmodified 300~700 higher in January, but the apartment decoration facilities more attractive, once the original apartment tenants being split, the landlord could self housing rental prices; on the other on the one hand, apartment than near the area of housing prices to 500 yuan or so low, low rent rental residential tenants that part of the plan to the apartment market. ?? This year just graduated from the University of Xiao Xu, found two apartments and residential choice, Pai Village single apartment price 1500 yuan or so, Huajing metro area a "lie" rent 2000 January, but need to share with the master bedroom and another man lying. Because of her rental conditions, and that just the work of economic capacity to pay is not high, the final choice of Pai Village brand between single apartment, with independent bathroom rent to 1500 yuan, the new furniture and decoration. "If the living area, not only the high rent and also need to share, apartment decoration conditions, space is very independent, more cost-effective". Xiao Xu said that in her apartment building, occupancy rate of 100%. ?? With the improvement of apartment mode and gradually deepening, "village" to upgrade the apartment rental market, increase the supply of housing, the housing company will be distributed together, changed the traditional owners to find tenants.相关的主题文章:

Hongkong businessman Lieyan countless newspaper advertising left kidney failure 14 years between girlfriend, according to Hongkong media reports, 98 years Gangjie run Lv Lijun, returned to London after the defeat of reading, as a salesman at LV and. Knowing Joseph Lau at that time changed her life from now on. To know more about each other in love for 16 years (Joseph Lau statement that 2014 has broke up with Lv Lijun), gave birth to a child, two people finally broke up. Joseph Lau today (November 15th), respectively, in 7 newspapers, issued a high-profile statement, announced the girlfriend of many years to break up with his girlfriend, Lv Lijun. In the statement, although Joseph Lau said that a section of the situation with Lv Lijun has become the past tense, but he also shows that he will fulfill his father’s responsibility, in the economy and education, will take care of a pair of young children born with the birth of Lv Lijun. For Joseph Lau’s decision, Lv Lijun reply to the media with a short message: see you (Joseph Lau) so hard, our heart is very painful! No matter who wrote the statement, what is the content is not important, I and the children only hope you recover soon, away from all the people who bother you. At this moment, his mind, God blesses. You say "tea is a strong home, I know… Such as Zoe (daughter of Liu Xiuying) and you just say:’We don’t know how to put an end to your sickness, but we know how to put a smile on your face ‘, come on! Joseph Lau loincloth, hanging bag readmission "doublet" Cherie Chan and rich frequency show loving husband相关的主题文章: