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was little, read a poem from a Book: the adjacent wall spin play entertainment guest wine, Qi Song poetry at the age of the child, since it is particularly preferred this Spring Festival holiday, the preference of firecrackers and lively festive red eyes. The annual Spring Festival of Hengdian film and Television City temple fair, but also because of its high degree of reduction of the ancient temple scene, has become an annual project to go. Where, in the ten The Strip colorful lanterns, roadside hawkers Tomatoes on sticks, asparagus crisp, is playing Ma Ci, stone lanterns and Soybean Milk reeky, red silk stretches beneath the gallery of the royal style, dragon flag over the Ming and Qing Dynasties palace, inserted dance streamers, patrol floats, welcome the God of wealth, bustling crowd, warm cries, in which people like to walk into a bustling prosperity, in a joy, new year, waiting for the arrival of another year.

: Jiangnan temple The Strip flower market light as day, smile Ying spring

South Temple is located in Hengdian large night film theme park dream Valley Scenic Area in the south of the Yangtze River after the horse home, tens of thousands of colorful lanterns and red lanterns hanging in the streets of water alternating.

Ou Yangxiu has a poem: the flower market light as day, when the night to pull down the curtain, the crowd in the lights shine under the gentle, gloom, the story came the patrol rode Malaysia press his swing in the bosom filled with justice, just remember the flower girl and rich gentleman romantic encounter the peddler, hidden behind the others with a glib tongue relief and honest and good, they crossed by the Hengdian scene, a small story that Longshehunza era little joys and sorrows of the enemy’s people in similar situations, and they have experience of life and.

remove the story in a strong role play, folk acrobatics is essential for lively opening: Dragon Fire stilts handsome, lovely and funny play, shadow play, every kind of iron, from Hebei Wuqiao traditional acrobatic juggling people seem to return to the ride in father’s neck to crowd together childhood at that time, those that do not have to spend big money can make people happy all day, sugar, straw and mud doll raree show no surprise in Hengdian temple, childhood food and toys were younger children warm looting in Hengdian busy temple, this sense of pride is the same and this Chinese the most important festival in the generations of inheritance;



leap in the 6356 meters altitude experience

October 18, 2016

TNF supported by Chinese glider

for the first time in the form of unpowered paragliding

challenge Four Girls Mountain

the flight team took off at 3960 meters above sea level

over Four Girls Mountain peak, two peaks, three peaks

successfully flew 6356 meters in the unitary Meifeng top

think God would not be afraid of his

high altitude hypoxia?

difficult to identify in the fog?

super airflow rampage?

good many times after the flight test failed

The enthusiasm of the

flight crew really began to burn!

wants to find

in despair

bad weather before

has only one last chance!

suffered convective shock of the wing

instantaneous deformation

death! Be close by!

is not dead, the return is:

in the flash over the peak

embrace the ordinary people will never dare to think of dripping!

creates a unique soul stirring in history!

Trailer did not see the fun of


years will be officially launched over the unitary Meifeng documentary

"the greatest risk in life is never taking risks!"

new year if not a little break

What does




The Tower House Hotel Quebec

||, for example, in Seattle, Washington, March cherry romantic

Sakura with Washington Monument Washington

|| such as summer sweet Island Resort

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, Germany

while single Wang’s sky, only confused gray…..

do not want to "single Wang’s gray season"?


meet the footsteps of the world more than

there is a place in the world where life has the widest color, passion never stops. Backpack, together to meet the most beautiful earth surface.

Yellowstone National Park prism CAIQUAN God overturned the palette, poured out freely the most amazing color in the world. Yellowstone National Park prism CAIQUAN, known as the "Earth" the most beautiful, also some people said here really mysterious color change unpredictably, "the witch’s fountain of youth".

walk on the big prism color spring wood Road, shrouded in hot springs can be seen in the colorful spring scenery. And to see the full picture of the big prism, from the southern end of the color of a small mountain climbing.

large prism CAIQUAN trail

In addition to

prism, Yellowstone National Park in the morning, you can walk in the dense ink painting morning glory pool, and West Thumb Lake edge blue green fountain fei.

Long Lake Hot Spring

sapphire Quanxi thumb

festoon spring


cone thumb Lake Hot Spring


Huangshi world on horseback

deep into the Yellowstone National Park hinterland of a small landscape, you can try to ride a horse. in Mammoth Hot Springs, tower falls and the Grand Canyon of Huangshi, have provided an hour or two hours of riding activities. American drama "western world"

Take you to different Chinese years

BC Province, Canada: on the other side of the Pacific encounter better

God left the world a better place to keep on the other side of the Pacific — BC canada. Here, the warm sunshine and fresh air and sea fusion, alternating fragrant forest wide, tall oak tree instead of the TV Tower, the vast sky to replace the neon lamp, everything seems to live in a hundred years ago the old photos, which under the pen of Steinbeck that sincere and beautiful world.

At the beginning of the new year

, time to put down the busy work and miscellaneous chores, give a comprehensive terribly fatigued physical and mental relaxation and treatment. Along the winding trail, to explore the reality of the outside world, embrace the gift to the beautiful scenery, washing disgraceful soul, encounter a better you inadvertently.

    take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, give yourself a real holiday. As in the lyrics, "throw away the TV, throw the computer, throw away the brain, and then throw away the trouble", away from the interference of the electromagnetic wave of electronic equipment, into the embrace of nature. From the hustle and bustle of the city to arrive at the moment in BC Province, when the yoga, SPA and spa experience becomes accessible, healthy food can be seen everywhere, just know what is the real enjoyment.

    West Coast yoga & SPA

    Canada’s west coast in winter, there is always a different kind of peace. Walk on the Pacific coast, there is boundless blue sea and the white sails are tiny spots, behind a whole piece of a wild profusion of vegetation of forest.

    lying on the soft chair SPA room, the ear is out of the window lapping waves of sound and Beach Forest and the birds. Coated with mud is rich in minerals, with the massage in place, that moment, have been completely relax from hair to toes. You can also take a traditional yoga class in a warm, natural, yoga room, focusing on every breath, by meditation and stretching to inject energy into your body. The yoga teacher taught ancient yoga philosophy, the dust can also help you brushed the heart.

    on the tip of the tongue in the province of BC province BC source: Canadian BC Provincial Tourism Bureau photographer: Edible Canada

    who says health and delicious can not have both? As a paradise for food lovers, BC has always been a healthy and delicious food. As delicate as food, there is an excellent dining atmosphere.

    speaking of Canada, many people first come to mind is all over the mountains and plains maple, and you know, maple creates a natural maple syrup. Maple syrup is rich in minerals and organic acids, while maintaining the sweetness and contain very low heat, is the most healthy carbohydrate. Might as well as Canadian natives, put a little

    Desperate to travel – Sohu travel

    a person, 20 kilograms of luggage, for 120 days, more than 10 provinces and cities, 25000 km, a take away on the interval between the annual travel.

    from winter to spring and summer, from the south to the north, across the rivers and lakes, through advocating mountains, only to find your true self.

    this article, this recording, is a summary of the 120 day gap year travel.

    big brother first sound

    do not regret a lifetime

    listened to nausea for a lifetime

    September 9, 2016 in January 6, 2017, 120 days, the road of my study, my interval years.

    actually, it was recorded in December 25, 2016, and it was the 108th day of my trip. Is this voice is recorded in a Beijing girl in Xinjiang know a recommendation to my activities and activities by the "new world" & "FM" Dragonfly jointly launched, for the majority of users in 2016 to allow yourself to become more powerful story.

    it’s a pity that I didn’t choose my story, but I’m very grateful. It just made me a little summary of my trip.

    Spring Festival is coming soon, and I set foot on a new journey, in the distance, in the bottom of my heart, I want to hear the story of you can also say to go on a trip.

    below is the text version of the recording content:

    Hello everyone, I am a big brother, is the big brother in the journey to the west.

    at this moment, I am sitting in a CYTS Xiangxi Phoenix on the balcony of Phoenix Town, looking at the glass lights, for you is the story for me today, Phoenix a day of rain, finally can calm down the quiet recording.

    what makes you stronger in 2016, I’ll tell you a little story about me.

    is the hero of the story is my big brother, this is a story about quitting to travel, this is a year of the story, this trip let me find more true or more blurred yourself.

    this year, I am 25 years old, a suspended in midair is not high not low age; this year, I resigned from the first job after graduation; this year, I opened a public number, write your own story; this year, I opened a dream trip this year interval; for a year, I was on the road.

    The theme of the

    story is: desperate to travel

    today is the 108th day of my personal travel backpack, this.


    , "your name" since August last year in Japan since the release of a great upsurge, and this craze has been delayed until now. This is not, in the first two days of the IMAX version began to release. While his during the qualifying themed coffee (17.1.7.) has recently opened in Tokyo’s! ? (in addition to Tokyo, the end of the month in Nagoya will also open Oh ~) is said to have more than 6 open the morning of the first day has more than and 20 people in the queue, and the number of cards in the afternoon a little more to send all finished ?

    ? So hot, so attractive event, what are some delicious fun to buy it? How long does it take to line up? On the second day of open, I tried to find a way for everyone.

    ? Look at 11:30 in the morning, arrived at the scene. ~



    ? And at this time, waiting time display for 6 hours (? Actually I waited 8 hours Oh hello?) fortunately can take a number, not always wait at the gate of ? (queuing on the Raiders will later mention Oh ~)


    , take the number on the side of the machine, get the "154" (please forgive me too excited to forget to take pictures), according to the inference is probably around 6 p.m.. After using a mobile phone to log (see detailed operation Hou Wen), to the station before it was completely free time ~


    ? So he turned around.


    ? Now, waiting for the queue. Note: to be called to the queue to be able to OH)


    next to the coffee shop, there are movie shops, selling all kinds of groceries with your name. It’s very crowded at the moment. Do you think the coffee shop needs to line up? You’re right! is also required to enter the surrounding shops! Team! ! queue on the other side of the stairs, at the moment has been lined up half a floor (please forgive me too embarrassed to look at the face of the camera, so there is no map?)


    see so many people queuing, they temporarily put the idea into the shop.

    ? Let’s go, into a free time~




    Hulun Buir: very cold winter tour Chinese + cold + village Aoluguya deer tribe

    where is the coldest place in China?

    how cold is the coldest place in China?

    China’s cold pole exactly where?

    "North China" in Heilongjiang, Mohe County, but have you ever heard of China’s cold pole? Located in the north of Genhe City, more than 10 kilometers, there is a primitive village, the locals called extremely cold village. Although latitude in the south of Mohe County, but because of the high latitude, the annual average temperature of -5.3 degrees, known as the "China cold pole", the historical record of the lowest temperature is -58. Every year around Christmas, Genhe will be invited from Finland to hold a certificate of Santa Claus come here personally for tourists is very cold issued certificate, certificate will be marked on the day of the lowest temperature and the names of visitors, but this proved himself the glory of victory over the cold.

    we do not have such a cold winter, there is no such thick snow. A lot of friends in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and winter like to see snow in the Northeast snow township. This trip back, I recommend to friends of the cold village of Inner Mongolia, here is quite a northeast snow Township style. We have got to the village lady cook us Dongbei, do also experience ice Tomatoes on sticks, dog sledding, skiing Mara slope, slip ring, wonderful

    ice sugar strawberry candy, Tomatoes on sticks, Heizao… In the minus 58 degrees cold village, Bel cool to eat!

    2016.12.24 Merry Christmas! From 58 degrees below zero – China cold pole [cold pole village] greetings

    dog sledding, horse drawn sleigh, reindeer pull sled…


    , pogonip rime rime…

    skiing, ice skating, snowball fights…

    ice Tomatoes on sticks chicken mushroom stew, stew pot of various

    we came to China the coldest place – away from the hubbub. Away from the haze of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hulun Buir Genhe City, extreme low temperature of -58 DEG C "China extremely cold"!

    Alaska, Husky Sled Dog is really fun!

    in the cold pole of the village for a long time, such as the process of the meal, we ride a sleigh, open snow motorcycle, slip the tire, simply can not stop

    cold pole village

    twist Yangko, snowman

    Winter Tour: Hulun Buir Aoluguya reindeer (caribou)


    12.24 Christmas Eve, my Christmas has snow and deer. Mention Christmas, but also can not forget the Christmas spirit;

    Thailand’s tourist season, this time the weather is cool, during the day can enjoy the tropical style of Thailand, there will be no mosquitoes at night or because of hot and difficult to fall asleep. In addition, many South Island will open to tourists during this period, to experience the full range of island style, northern Chiang Mai million Sky Lantern Festival will be held during this period of time.


    best travel time: addition to September

    in September by burning straw throughout Indonesia, Singapore air quality is very poor, the haze shrouded, low visibility, to tourists need to make preparation for protection.

    from thirteen

    mafengwo users crazy


    best travel time: 11 months – February

    in Vietnam during the dry season and cool season, the weather is relatively cool, at the same time, this time is the time in Vietnam holiday gathered, the January Dalat Flower Festival, the Spring Festival of February, visitors can easily feel more pure style of Vietnam in the festival.


    best travel time: 11 months to the end of April next year,

    from May to November due to wet season rain, the weather changes, relatively speaking, is the off-season tourism in Maldives, especially for photography lovers, that come rain but taboo.


    best travel time: 11 months to April

    this is the winter of Kampuchea, blowing dry cool northeast monsoon, the average temperature of 25 degrees C ~ 32 c, is the best tourist season.

    Sri Lanka

    best travel time: 1 months -3 month

    hot tourist destinations are more concentrated in the southwest, this time less rainfall, air temperature.

    from the mafengwo user YangYangiiiiii


    best travel time: 5 months -7 month

    Saipan is suitable for travel throughout the year, but every year 8-10 months is the typhoon season, travel or need to be cautious.

    from Akita mafengwo Jun





    1, volt table miss

    is one of the most wooden table objects can bring small fresh temperament, lying on the table, eyes look to the lens, like in the empty state, or waiting for what is missing, with a hint of melancholy.

    2, leaning against the wall melancholy

    don’t ignore some of the daily situations, even a common wall. In the reinforced concrete city, this is full of texture of the brick wall, coupled with a slight touch of melancholy temperament, suddenly turned small fresh!

    3, knee provocative

    regardless of green grass, and trees or dead branches, these are natural small fresh wood there? Holding the knee to sit, look at the camera at the same time with a tease, pure revealed a trace of sexy. Or hold his head while his eyes closed, another speechless fresh feeling in my heart ~

    4, supine intoxicated

    completely relax in the grass or lying in the flowers, with a face, face intoxicated ~ basking in the sun, smelling the fragrance of flowers, is immersed in a beautiful dream, enjoy this piece of flowers….

    5, intellectual reading style

    book is a very good interpretation of the small fresh props, as if to return to the era of students. With books and pictures together and half covered his face, vaguely have a tranquil and intellectual beauty, with more touch yo?.

    6, youth overlooking

    to shoot a small fresh, posture can not be too artificial, natural random to put a glance or look up to the distant position, the youth breath overflowing with wood?! With the background of pastoral style, almost perfect!

    7, Meng ornament

    It is essential that the

    shoot small fresh small accessories embellishment, simple single product is all-match. Wearing a beautiful little flowers or a variety of Meng Meng Da head hoop, a pure fairy look self-evident.

    8, guitar style

    music girl paper always gives a fresh feeling, but can not play without fear, the use of a variety of musical instruments can also create your own small fresh screen. Therefore, guitar, Violin and other musical instruments full of props is essential to shoot small fresh photos.

    9, flowers beauty



    "dragon lion jumping Lantern Festival" Tian Jian

    "dragon spring" Xu Gui book

    "dance dragon" Tian Rong

    "Dragon Dance" Liu Ming

    "dragon lion" Peiren Zhang

    "round and round the new year" Shen Yuqing

    "reunion of the Spring Festival" Yao Zhenhai

    The song "

    " back Peiyi Zhang

    "jubilation" Wang Aifeng

    "loess fly" seedling "Wang Jian and

    "windmill" turn to good luck in a Peiren

    "Beijing small temple" Li

    "Wolong Lake winter festival documentary" Guo

    "country feast" Ho Ho

    "New Year Tim wine" Lin Weihua


    From sunset on

    , cloud cloud, flowing in the time passed quickly, a way to walk in line, waiting for the red, spring and summer, autumn and winter seasons and scenery, flower, watching the rain, listening to the wind shangxue. Today, accompanied by the summer line, only in the summer that an empty smile.


    out of the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the bustling, far away from the world, away from the scene of debauchery, with a sentiment, a lingering, a desire to experience another ancient, primitive natural style and local flavor.

    has long been yearning for Tengchong, finally in front of it when the sense of a kind of moving.

    speaking of Tengchong, naturally think of Heshun, hometown of jade, Beihai wetland, Chinese volcanic Atami, expeditionary force…… As a Yunnan, the first time I came to Tengchong, I feel a little ashamed, but also feel proud and proud. Experience in the meantime, it is really aware of the heavy and broad land.

    Heshun town is one of the most representative of Tengchong. Heshun and other ancient town is different than the original quiet, natural, ecological, commercial light. Here the scenery is picturesque, beautiful landscape, quaint chic, leisurely, Mr. Li Genyuan worked in poetry appreciation and "Toyama, gray water, river Tuo Po melodious, million, must win small suzhou". So Heshun is a beautiful paradise.

    Heshun town is a story of the place, it is the biggest feature of the original really preserved a complete history of architectural style. At the same time also has a superior natural environment, long history and culture, landscape characteristics, humanistic spirit first, architectural style of amazing advantages, influence people here by Confucianism followed the tradition of respecting knowledge, pay attention to reading, the ancient tradition of the Han culture, the essence of southwest minority culture and exotic culture, and the fusion, before the formation of today and has such a distinctive regional culture, perhaps this is the charm of heshun.

    with a bit of respect, gently into the streets and alleys of the old town, faint taste of traditional architectural pattern, the Huizhou style architecture, retro decoration, fenqiangdaiwa charm, brighten, beautiful.

    and architectural style is: "a screen" three square "courtyard", "four and five yards". Especially the old door window carving, carving true to life, liberal and dignified, Reiki full. The steps in the house are made of a unique volcanic stone.

    is a philosopher and Mr. AI’s former residence, former residence of the building is exquisite, Chinese and Western courtyard, brick, building on a lattice, carved fan, western style small balcony, main hall has a stone arches round, vines, simple.

    and library construction is quite atmosphere, through the gate, door, garden, library building. Novel structure, unique layout, beautiful and elegant, rich atmosphere. < /;


    Beijing Lama Temple

    "male female Yonghe, Hongluo", it is widely circulated that refers to the men to go to Lama Temple for the woman to go to Hongluo Temple for the best spirit. A lot of people come here to wish all realize the desire, word of mouth, Lama Temple is efficacious reputation, let it become one of the most popular temple incense in Beijing. On the first day, the fifteen day of incense is overcrowded.


    Hangzhou Lingyin Temple

    at home and abroad pilgrims lay together Lingyin Temple bell incense, Lingyin Temple is traditionally reserved. The new year’s Eve night ten points to the first two in the morning, open to pilgrims to householders, and provide free incense, often nearly 10000 tourists flocked to Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou for the next year.


    Dazhao Temple

    Zhao, Chinese name "boundless Temple", Mongolian meaning "temple". Hohhot city is located in the District of Jade Spring Dazhao street, was built in the Ming Dynasty Wanli seven years (1579), was first built in Hohhot to teach Lama temple. For hundreds of years, it has been one of the most famous Buddhist sites in Inner Mongolia and one of the most famous Buddhist centers in northern china.

    Wuhan Guiyuan Buddhist Temple

    Guiyuan Buddhist Temple covers an area of 4.67 hectares, possession of many Buddhist relics, is one of the largest collection of Buddhist temples. Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is one of the most popular temples in Wuhan. An interesting form to the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple luohangtang’s well-known, far and near is the combination of Folk Buddhism belief and. According to their age, free from any one of the arhat statue according to the order number, how old is the number of respect, to look at this date when ahrat appellation action and facial expressions, you can go to taste from thinking, can realize some life philosophy.

    Longhua Shanghai temple

    Longhua Temple Temple is the oldest and largest in Shanghai area. It is said that Longhua temple is the mother of Sun Quan in the Three Kingdoms period;



    of Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone Cycling Association organized many riders Chen Yangcan and Liu Haixiang together to ride into the city, Liu Hisoar global riding, publicity Quanzhou feat point praise.

    Luoyang bridge formerly million ONKYO, in the Luoyang River Estuary, 5 kilometers away from the spring city, the Northern Song Dynasty emperor? Five to? Four years (1053 ~ 1059) by the magistrate of Quanzhou Bo presided over the building. Luoyang bridge is one of the earliest surviving cross sea bridges in Dashiqiao, which has become the pride of the people of Quanzhou. In Quanzhou, "standing like things down as Luoyang bridge tower," saying, be handed down from age to age.

    "solo Superman" Liu Haixiang alumni back to his alma mater to welcome

    on the morning of December 25, 2016, Chen Jiageng Memorial Hall in front of the Huaqiao University, drums bursts of excitement, singing loud and greet guests. Huaqiao University Quanzhou Alumni Association held here for Superman Liu Haixiang alumni back to his alma mater to welcome Liu Haixiang alumni to indomitable will, firm and indomitable spirit, in the way of low-carbon, re take the Silk Road Tour, starting from Italy, through 15 countries, and 21 provinces, Chinese ring riding lasted 417 days, travel 26000 km, a single riding alone, walk fatigued with the journey can be called, writing a legendary life feat. Quanzhou Seacell inscription help, for Belt and Road Initiative propaganda work, Hisoar alumni riding feat a very good interpretation of the love dare to fight to win the Quanzhou spirit, to show the Chinese University sub style style.

    the morning of December 25th, Huaqiao University 2010 MBA alumni, riding around the world, around the China, "solo Superman" said Liu Haixiang returned to his alma mater. In front of the Chen Jiageng memorial hall, vice president of the board of directors of the school, the president of the Quanzhou Alumni Association, President of the Federation of, such as welcome to return to the president of the United States, such as the return of Liu Haixiang, Wu Xiaobin, chairman of the MBA. Today to attend the ceremony and the Council of the Huaqiao University, Xiang Shimin, director of the office of Alumni Association Alumni Association Secretary General Wang Qiang, Quanzhou Alumni Association executive vice president Li Jian, Huang Hongbin, Lin Shou, administered by the alumni association chairman Hong Hong, Secretary General Chen Siping, Professor of Law School Alumni Association, honorary president of Quanzhou Kang Yuchen Alumni Association Deputy Secretary General Chen Jiazhen, Xie Xiaopeng.

    Vice president of Huaqiao University has said

    Road, alumni Liu Haixiang overcame all kinds of difficulties and challenges, help the Seacell inscription and spreading the Chinese culture and publicity, publicity hometown alma mater, fully demonstrated the Chinese University style. He wished Liu Haixiang to get more and better results, the spirit of the Chinese people to more places for the reputation and influence of his alma mater to make greater contributions to the spread.

    Liu Haixiang alumni;