13No harm Marbury said in a timely return to treasure every game|No harm Marbury said in a timely return to treasure every game9

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No serious injuries Marbury back in time that cherish every game – Beijing Beijing team and Shanxi team in the last round of the game, the Beijing team of foreign aid Marbury is on the sidelines watching. For the horse, this feeling is not easy. Maradona said in public, yesterday: "as a player, I hope I can play the game with the team." This is a truth, he hopes to play to contribute their strength, especially this season is probably the last season of his occupation career, he sees every game more precious, "I treat every game is a final game to play." Fortunately, tomorrow will return to the horse in the stadium, he was wearing the Beijing shirt familiar feeling back. The horse did not play the game, because after the match with Tianjin, some of his thigh injury. The game with the Tianjin team in the last section, the horse several times like carrying explosives generally reached the other side of the line, completed a lot of difficult layup, the Beijing team to take points. In a basket collision injury to the thigh. Later, the horse and the team came to Taiyuan, the day before the match on training, no training and what different days old, he first made some shooting practice, let the doctor to his thigh massage and treatment. At the end of the training after the horse is also asked the body. "I don’t have much problem." The horse answered. In the Shanxi game in the morning, Maradona or together with the team to the stadium to play, only slightly different is that in training near the end, the horse let the doctor to his thigh again stretch and massage. Also, the horse trainer Chris again in the past for the horse legs for some treatment. In the afternoon the horse released a small video they are receiving the legs hotel room in micro-blog. The horse and miss the match with Shanxi is the Beijing team to make decisions in the competition is coming. The horse’s injury is not serious, but the Beijing team to be safe, or want a horse to rest, to let his injury fully recovered, three home court game and have better physical fitness to the next play, after all, this is a long season, and the horse’s body condition will largely affect the the Beijing team season. The horse is sitting there watching his teammates after the match with Shanxi. "It was a difficult game for my teammates," he said yesterday. They played very well, played a very good offensive performance, the first three quarters have been ahead of Shanxi, until the last minute of the game, only to regret the loss of the game." Maradona also expressed the presence of watching the inner feelings, "for me, the game sitting on the sidelines watching his teammates on the pitch, is also very difficult, this feeling is not good, I hope to be able to help the team on the pitch. Although we can not win the game, but we are still very confident, we will adjust as soon as possible, back on track." The horse has been determined to return to the court tomorrow night. Yesterday, Beijing team returned to Beijing from Taiyuan at noon, go directly to the Wukesong stadium were shot Xiang