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No compare auto insurance sooner has this group left than these guys ushered in. They’re residents of your area the location where the rate of car accidents is greater than in the areas. They complain it is unfair of automobile insurance companies to charge them more for insurance. They are saying they cannot help it if you have an excessive amount of insured losses in their neighborhood. They request you to pass a law prohibiting insurance companies while using a persons address as a factor in insurance premiums, even if there is a greater probability of someone in that location sustaining a loss of profits. How much do YOU know about the Sunshine State?

Chinese aluminum large shareholders total holdings of 188 million shares of A shares and H shares of sina finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong stocks through market mechanism level2 cards Chinese aluminum (601600-CN) February 5th evening announcement said the company, the controlling shareholder of the company and its Affiliated Companies aluminum aluminum in overseas holdings from November 9, 2015 to February 4, 2016, has accumulated holdings of A shares and H shares totaling 188 million shares, accounting for about 1.26% of the total issued shares of the company. Among them, the aluminum company’s overseas wholly-owned subsidiary of aluminum overseas holdings since November 9, 2015 in the Hongkong market through the Hongkong stock exchange trading system holdings of H shares of the company, as of February 4, 2016, has accumulated holdings of shares 187 million shares; aluminum company in December 30, 2015, 31 in the domestic market through a securities company oriented asset management company A holdings shares totaling 1 million shares. Subsequent holdings plan, China Aluminum overseas holdings intends in the next 12 months (since the beginning of the date of this Holdings) continue to increase the company’s shares, the cumulative number of shares of not more than 290 million shares (including the above Holdings). During this period, if the market situation changes or business needs, the overweight party will adjust the holdings plan at any time, or at any time to stop overweight. At the same time, Chinalco promises that Chinalco and its Affiliated Companies will not reduce the shares of the company during the period of enforcement and statutory period. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

中国铝业大股东累计增持1.88亿股A股及H股 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌 中国铝业(601600-CN)2月5日晚间公告称,公司控股股东中铝公司及其附属公司中铝海外控股于2015年11月9日至2016年2月4日期间,已累计增持公司A股和H股股份共计18800万股,约占公司已发行总股份的1.26%。 其中,中铝公司的境外全资子公司中铝海外控股自2015年11月9日起在香港市场通过香港联合交易所交易系统增持公司H股股份,截至2016年2月4日,已累计增持公司H股股份18700万股;中铝公司于2015年12月30日、31日在国内市场通过证券公司定向资产管理方式增持公司A股股份共计100万股。 后续增持计划方面,中铝海外控股拟在未来12个月内(自本次增持之日起算)继续增持公司股份,累计增持股份数目不超过29000万股(含上述已增持股份)。在此期间,若市场情况发生变化或经营需要,增持方将随时调整增持计划,或随时停止增持。同时中铝公司承诺,在增持实施期间及法定期限内,中铝公司及其附属公司不减持所持有的公司股份。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

There is no apple 4 inch? Tell me why not small screen manufacturers flagship with iPhone screen size and larger sales once again broke the record of 5.5 inches of iPhone  6  Plus is to cater to the needs of most people, is a success. At the same time, many of the flagship in the next Android camp have reached the 5.7 inch screen. In recent years, the flagship machine on the market all have a single hand is difficult to control the big screen, small screen and other manufacturers flagship seems to have been forgotten outside of SONY. So why is there a demand for small flagship, but no vendors are willing to do it? Apple iPhone 5S (mobile 4G) with the recent rumors of apple iPhone  5SE increased gradually, "small screen flagship" thing again by many people up for discussion, and to understand the "small screen flagship nobody do this thing actually can be divided into three points of view: why bigger and the small screen flagship is really market, why give up the small screen flagship manufacturer. 1, why the screen is getting bigger and bigger? The small screen has been difficult to meet the needs of entertainment (picture taken from digisecrets) the problem I want to just one person can say 123, intelligent mobile phone now is no longer meet the communication exist, it can be a movie MP4; it can be a handheld game machine; it can be a car navigator; it it is a camera; it can be a social tool; it can even be productivity tools, simple processing of mail or work. It can be said that in the current use of smart phone 80% situation, the big screen is absolutely dominant. So, from the user needs, the screen is undoubtedly bigger and bigger, which is also the manufacturer to cater to consumer tastes must be done. At the same time, the screen will become larger, the fuselage will increase, the manufacturers also brought many of the following convenience. Compared to the SONY Z5C Z5 thick many (photograph from hksilicon) first of all, we have found that compared to today’s mobile phone intelligent machine start stage thin a lot, in addition to process improvement, compact components, in fact, increase the area of the body can also bring about the optimization of the thickness, such as 4.6 inch SONY Xperia  Z5  Compact body thickness of 8.9mm, while the 5.2 inch Xperia  Z5 is 7.4mm. Fuselage have more sufficient space to accommodate the battery (picture taken from ifixit) second, each component of intelligent machines is the size of the processor, memory and so on each module will not change mobile phone also becomes larger, so the mobile phone inside the fuselage can have more space to accommodate a larger capacity battery, significantly improve the life, bring the income is far more than the screen display area increases the increase in power consumption. So it is not difficult to find, long endurance aircraft must have a small body. Increase the proportion of the screen for the mobile phone body is relatively easy (from micro-blog) third, the increasing proportion of the screen can bring promotion, which for some manufacturers,? 苹果有没有4寸的? 说说厂商为何不做小屏旗舰   随着iPhone屏幕尺寸一次次变大,销量也一次又一次打破记录,5.5英寸的iPhone 6 Plus无疑迎合了大部分人的需求,是成功的。与此同时隔壁Android阵营不少旗舰则已经达到了5.7英寸屏幕。几年间,市场上的旗舰机都无一例外有着一块单手难以把控的大屏,而小屏旗舰似乎早已被索尼之外的其他厂商遗忘。那么为什么小屏旗舰虽有需求,但却没有厂商愿意做呢? 苹果 iPhone 5S(移动4G)   随着最近苹果iPhone 5se的传言逐渐增多,“小屏旗舰”的事儿再一次被不少人拿出来讨论,而要想弄明白“小屏旗舰没人做”这件事其实可以分成三点来看:为何屏幕越做越大、小屏旗舰是否真得有市场、厂商为何放弃小屏旗舰。   1、为何屏幕越来越大? 小屏幕已经很难满足娱乐需求(图片引自digisecrets)   这个问题我想随便一个人都能说出个一二三,现在的智能手机已经不再是满足通讯而存在了,它可以是看电影的MP4;它可以是掌上游戏机;它可以是车上的导航仪;它可以是照相机;它可以是社交工具;它甚至可以是生产力工具,简单地处理邮件或工作上的事。可以说在目前智能手机80%的使用情境下,大屏是有绝对优势的。   所以,从用户需求出发屏幕无疑要越做越大,这也是厂商为迎合消费者口味必须要做的。同时,将屏幕做大后机身也会随之增大,对厂商来说也带来了以下诸多方便之处。 索尼Z5C相比Z5厚了许多(图片引自hksilicon)   首先,我们都发现相比智能机起步阶段如今的手机薄了很多,除了工艺提升、元器件紧凑外,其实机身面积的增大也能带来厚度上的优化,例如4.6英寸索尼Xperia Z5 Compact机身厚度为8.9mm,而5.2英寸的Xperia Z5则为7.4mm。 机身大就有更充足空间容纳电池(图片引自ifixit)   第二,智能机各元器件的大小是一定的,处理器、内存等等各个模块不会因手机变大随之也变大,所以机身大了手机内可以有更多空间容纳更大容量的电池,显著提升续航,带来的收益远远超过屏幕显示面积增大所增加的功耗。于是不难发现,长续航机型一定身材都不小。 提高屏占比对于大机身手机来说相对容易(图片引自微博)   第三,机身的增大还能带来屏占比的提升,这对于一些厂商来说,结合上面续航的提升绝对能拿出来在发布会上吹一吹了,这对于一些喜欢看表面参数的消费者来说,杀伤力还是挺大的。   第 四,机身的增大还能带来散热效率的提升,随着几年间处理器等元器件性能的大幅提升,功耗也随之增加,其中大部分消耗的电能都转化为热能,但过高的温度会影 响元器件的寿命甚至造成损坏。所以,要想发挥全部性能不让CPU关核降频的话,散热效率要跟得上,而机身尺寸的增大也可以一定程度上提升散热效率。 大屏成为卖点(图片引自苹果)   第 五,从近两年可以看出,智能手机上面的创新点真得越来越少,颠覆性地创新更是几乎没有,大部分创新其实都是“有了更爽,没有也行”的情况。所以更大、更清 晰的屏幕无疑可以作为手机的卖点,开篇也提到,80%的情况下大屏幕是具有一定优势的,尤其在娱乐和浏览网页方面。   2、小屏旗舰有没有市场? 适合单手操作的手机越来越少(图片引自doi-toshin)   几年前,聊手机QQ或是发短信时我们还是在用单手输入,但如今大部分用户已经习惯了使用双手一起打字,尤其是手小的用户面对5.5英寸屏幕的手机单手真得十分吃力。其实有很多用户还是希望能够有小屏旗舰推出的,呼声也很高,但目前的小屏旗舰市场也只有索尼一家在做,能看出小屏旗舰的市场确实存在,但体量很小。 苹果曾经坚守小尺寸屏幕(图片引自iretron)   起初的iPhone也是崇尚单手操作的,不过随着iPhone 6 Plus的推出也能看出苹果确实做出了妥协。不过,目前4.0英寸的iPhone 5s仍被苹果保留,甚至不少传言都指向苹果即将发布全新小屏旗舰iPhone 5se,也能看出小屏旗舰市场确实存在。   3、厂商为何放弃小屏旗舰? 厂商只能尽量满足大多数人的需求(图片截取自youtube)   小 屏旗舰有需求,大部分厂商却置之不理,其实除了上面“为何屏幕越来越大”提到的五点原因,对于厂商来说或许还有不少其他原因。例如,现代社会的商品通常需 要靠大规模的生产来摊薄成本,降低售价吸引消费者。但是大规模生产也只能按照大部分人的需求来做,小众需求只能通过定制化来解决。于是,在大屏横行、“大 屏=高端”的大背景下,供应链或许也顺水推舟开始倾向大屏幕。 索尼坚持推出小屏旗舰Compact系列(图片引自engadget)   摆 在厂商面前的就是,大屏手机:空间大设计难度相对低、数量大摊薄成本、满足大多数人需求。小屏手机:空间小设计难度高、数量小成本高、续航 屏幕尺寸仅满 足小部分人需求。再加上小屏用户可用大屏,但习惯大屏的用户通常不会换小屏机,所以换做你是厂商的话,你做大屏机还是小屏机?   小屏旗舰爱好者怎么办? 目前可供选择的小屏旗舰非常少(图片引自xda-developers)   对于喜欢小屏幕手机的用户来说,假如追求旗舰的话目前比较好的选择只有索尼Xperia Z5 Compact、iPhone 5s了,而Z5C偏偏又没有推出国行版,iPhone 5s也显得有点落后,所以Android阵营小屏旗舰就只能靠海淘、代购了,iOS阵营也只好希望iPhone 5se真得会推出吧。   到底多大尺寸的手机屏幕最合适,我想绝对不是乔帮主说的3.5英寸,也绝不是今天安卓旗舰的5.7英寸,每个人都有心目中最合适的尺寸,你认为屏幕多大的手机最适合你呢?相关的主题文章:

The industrial policy behind the development of ecological agriculture in more than 150 million yuan Level2:A shares of sina finance market layout spring speed Kanpan Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors are in use – the newspaper reporter     yesterday; Ren rain; ecological agriculture stocks strong performance of the sector as a whole rose 0.22% against the market trend, the specific point of view, longpinggaoke rose 9.18%, Denghai (2.48% Xindu), chemical (2.11%), (2.02%), Dunhuang Fengle Seed Industry (1.83%), Jin Zhengda, Yu saving (1.3%) (1.27%), Kingfa (1.23%) and Xinjiang Tianye (1.03%) and other stocks also rose more than 1%. In addition, the stock rose and Changqing group, MOGA shares, shares, Guangxin Nuo Puxin, Secretary stewart. Market participants said that the recent introduction of "No.1 Document" provides a strong basic support for the recovery of the agricultural sector. With spring approaching, the upstream industry chain of agricultural products demand is strong, is expected to thicken the performance of listed companies. Based on this, the funds began to layout spring plowing market ahead of schedule.         capital flows, according to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics show that a total of 11 stocks showed a net inflow of large single state sector yesterday, the cumulative suction gold 152 million yuan, respectively, longpinggaoke (115 million 626 thousand and 400 yuan), Changqing group (8 million 896 thousand and 300 yuan), nuopuxin (8 million 407 thousand and 500 yuan) seed, Deng Hai (7 million 13 thousand and 300 yuan), Yu saving (4 million 216 thousand and 500 yuan), Huaxi energy (3 million 264 thousand and 600 yuan), MOGA shares (1 million 618 thousand and 900 yuan), Shun shares (978 thousand and 200 yuan), Dunhuang seed industry (949 thousand and 800 yuan), STANLEY (507 thousand and 400 yuan) and sierte (402 thousand and 800 yuan). The agriculture "No.1 Document" once again emphasized speeding up the development of agricultural modernization. Vigorously promote the integration of breeding and integration, enhance the ability of independent innovation of seed industry, and ensure the safety of the national seed industry. We should further promote the reform of the distribution of scientific research achievements in seed industry, and explore the mechanism of sharing rights, transferring and classifying scientific research personnel. Implementation of modern seed industry construction project and independent innovation project of seed industry. Market participants generally believe that agricultural modernization is the top issue of the "No. 1 document". The pilot reform of the target price put forward by the central government for the first time this year is an important measure to improve the price formation mechanism of China’s agricultural products. The so-called target price system refers to the government set the target price of agricultural products, when the actual market price is higher than the target price, subsidies for low-income consumers; when the market price is lower than the target price, the price difference subsidies producers. This will herald the essence and acceleration of China’s agricultural modernization reform, and the reform of the agricultural sector in the future will exceed expectations. In terms of investment opportunities, the United Nations Securities Association said that China’s agricultural modernization will be brought about by two aspects, which will bring opportunities to the capital market. It includes promoting the reform of land circulation in production relations 产业政策力挺生态农业发展 逾1.5亿元布局春耕行情 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   ■本报记者 任小雨    昨日生态农业概念股表现强劲,板块整体逆市上涨0.22%,具体来看,隆平高科大涨 9.18%,登海种业(2.48%)、新都化工(2.11%)、丰乐种业(2.02%)、敦煌种业(1.83%)、大禹节水(1.3%)、金正大 (1.27%)、金发科技(1.23%)和新疆天业(1.03%)等个股涨幅也均在1%以上。除此之外,实现逆市上涨的个股还有长青集团、莫高股份、广信 股份、诺普信、司尔特。   市场人士表示,近期“一号文件”的出台,为农业板块的复苏提供了强劲的基本面支撑。而随着春耕临近,农业中上游产业链各产品需求旺盛,有望增厚相关上市公司业绩。基于此,资金开始提前布局春耕行情。       资金流向方面,据《证券日报》记者统计显示,昨日板块内共有11只概念股呈现大单资金净流入态势,累计吸金1.52亿元,分别为隆平高科 (11562.64万元)、长青集团(889.63万元)、诺普信(840.75万元)、登海种业(701.33万元)、大禹节水(421.65万元)、 华西能源(326.46万元)、莫高股份(161.89万元)、广信股份(97.82万元)、敦煌种业(94.98万元)、史丹利(50.74万元)和司 尔特(40.28万元)。   上述农业“一号文件”再次强调加快农业现代化发展。大力推进育繁一体化,提升种业自主创新能力,保障国家种业安全。深入推进种业领域科研成果权益分配改革,探索成果权益分享、转移转化和科研人员分类管理机制。实施现代种业建设工程和种业自主创新重大工程。   市场人士普遍认为,农业现代化是此次“一号文件”的首要议题。今年中央首次提出的目标价格改革试点,是完善中国农产品价格形成机制的一个重要举措。所谓 目标价格制度,是指由政府设定农产品的目标价格,当实际市场价格高于目标价格时,补贴低收入消费者;当市场价格低于目标价格时,则按差价补贴生产者。这或 将预示着我国农业现代化改革的实质与加速推进,未来农业领域的改革力度或将超出预期。   投资机会方面,国联证券表示,从两个方面把握我国 农业现代化,给资本市场带来机遇。包括在生产关系方面推进土地流转改革和农垦改革;在农业生产力方面推进高标准农田建设、劳动力素质提升和农业技术提升。 在此背景之下,关注五大投资机会:首先,种业创新和行业整合带来的投资机会;二是农田节水工程建设带来的投资机会;三是土地流转实现土地规模化种植带来的 农机推广投资机会;四是农垦改革带来的投资机会;五是农业信息化的发展带来的投资机会。个股方面,推荐龙头标的:北大荒、海南橡胶、登海种业、农发种业、 大北农、诺普信等。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The Beijing Court concluded 4 years of telecommunications fraud involving 4000 more than 50 pieces of original title: Beijing Court concluded: 2013 to telecommunications fraud cases 50 Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) in November 11th, the Supreme Court of Beijing held a press conference informed the guard against telecommunications network fraud crime case. Reporters at the scene learned that since 2013, the Beijing Court concluded a total of all types of telecommunications fraud cases 50, involving more than 1900 victims, involving more than 4000 yuan. Statistics show that in 4 years Beijing court for telecommunications network fraud were sentenced to more than 326 people accused of penalty, the heaviest sentence sentenced to 20 years in prison, the lightest sentence the defendant sentenced to imprisonment for 8 months, the cumulative sentence the defendant fined 500 yuan. According to the Beijing High Court Criminal Court vice president Luo Pengfei two, compared with other provinces, the telecommunications network fraud cases is not a "disaster area" of Beijing court, but the number of cases and related charges are high, need to pay close attention to. As the case of the first instance since 2013 three Beijing Court concluded a total of the crime of impairing credit card administration of 171 322 people, provides a large number of illegal citizens information, these cases often for telecommunications network fraud. Facing the situation of telecommunications network fraud rampant, the court as a judicial organ to play its functions to prevent against? Luo Pengfei said in response, on the one hand, the ringleaders, punish fraud in the telecommunications network backbone members, recidivism, recidivism, occupation crime, highlight the key areas, and has surrendered, meritorious service to tuizang, assist arrest accomplices and other criminals plot to be lenient, to disintegrate criminal gangs. On the other hand, the criminal law applicable to property punishment, and increase the stolen money recovered efforts, and never let the criminals obtain illegal benefits in economy. In addition, the Beijing Municipal Higher People’s court in accordance with the provisions of the Supreme Court sentencing requirements for the development of the common criminal sentencing guidelines for the implementation of the rules. Specifically, through SMS, telephone or via the Internet, radio and television, newspapers and magazines publishing false information, the implementation of fraud for the majority of people are not specific cases, most can increase the benchmark penalty in sentencing the 30%. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章:

The 2016 Guangzhou auto show: Volkswagen Skoda koudiat – Sohu Sohu 2016 Guangzhou auto show car car []2016 Guangzhou auto show officially kicked off, Volkswagen Skoda new medium SUV – KODIAQ debut. The new car will be in the Volkswagen Skoda made, in November 18th opening of the Guangzhou auto show, Cody Ark will formally meet with domestic consumers, and will be officially listed in 2017. Cody Ark has been officially released in September in Berlin Germany, the new positioning medium SUV, using the latest Skoda family design, body lines, straight, tough, multi spoke wheel with personality, the whole is very fashionable. At the end, Cody Ark uses the light design of C type, and the whole system using LED light source, impressive. Skoda Cody Ark’s interior continues the Skoda family overall bias practical design, using wood trim collocation console dark material, style marks, interior atmosphere lamp design and a new three spoke steering wheel for the new car adds a touch of fashion sense. In the seat layout, this car provides five layout and 2+3+2 layout. In addition, it will provide automatic air conditioning, seat heating, steering wheel heating configuration. Power, Skoda koudiat will be equipped with 1.4T and 2.0T gasoline engine, maximum output power of 127 horsepower, 152 horsepower and 183 horsepower. The transmission system, and the engine will be matched 6 speed manual or 7 speed DSG dual clutch gearbox, some models will also provide four-wheel drive system for consumer choice.相关的主题文章: