2Hongkong convenience store owner was killed 8 hours of donations 1 million 600 thousand|Hongkong convenience store owner was killed 8 hours of donations 1 million 600 thousand

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Hong Kong, the convenience store owner killed people 8 hours donation 160 million of the original title: Hong Kong a convenience store owner killed 8 hours of public donations 160 million in new network on March 17, according to Hong Kong "Ming Pao" report, March 8, Hong Kong Yau Ma Tei street, Bristol 7-Eleven occurrence of murder and theft, being a knife inserted in 38 year old male owner Zheng Jiapei left medicine 7 later died. At the beginning of a father he left his wife and children, the event attracted more and more attention. 7-Eleven yesterday launched fundraising across the board, let people be in yesterday morning 8 when to Hong Kong 7-Eleven donations, fundraising amount of income is used to solve the urgent needs of the deceased family, people enthusiastic response, as at 4 and a half days has raised about 160 million yuan (HK $, the same below). In Bi Jie 7-Eleven might have witnessed the incident yesterday morning to mourn Ms. zhang. Ms. Zhang was sad when she visited, and constantly sobbing. She recalled was carrying two young girls in the convenience store to buy milk, witnessed the assailants wielding a knife, immediately alarm, but for the safety of the girl decided to leave, did not return to the store understanding. Ms. Zhang learned that the owner’s death, feel distressed, guilt and remorse, back when the milk bottle throwing to the assailants, shouting for help or with merchant together to fight against the thief, or can prevent the tragedy. Ms. Zhang said that the need to social assistance, and demonstrate addressed to social SMS, referred to the contents of feeling "very self blame, indifference, in the near future," the full head is the murder scene ", sad tears and insomnia. Yesterday many people donations and scene of flowers, which resides in the prince Lee made a special trip to the incident convenience store donated 201 yuan a token; people outside the shop to offer to write "plotting a conspiracy, a good way to go, note the flowers. After the people of the city to the convenience store donations, was issued a list of these donations will be forwarded to Mr. Zheng Jiapei’s family, the receipt, a lot of people put the receipt posted on social networking sites, to show to the families of the deceased a support. Artists Wang Zongyao, Lin Shengbin, Huang Yi Wen and other donations and the receipt of social networking sites, Wang Zongyao more pro Bi Street convenience stores donated 1000 yuan. 7-Eleven spokeswoman said that yesterday morning at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., has received contributions of about 160 million yuan, will be entirely given to Zheng’s wife, and will continue to accept donations from the public, and will to the family of the deceased back shop franchise fee and deposit, as for the deceased burial matters to be consult family will arrange again. For witnesses to feel guilty, social welfare department chief clinical psychologist Liu Jiazu said, did not comment on individual cases, if people experience special accident, mood may fluctuate, feel guilty for human, a short period of time may not be able to to objectively look at the incident, persuasion is inevitably remorse, therefore time counseling to calm the mood, and to social assistance, when there is a need to accept psychological counseling expert. Editor: Su bud SN226