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[318] and a photography paradise Xinduqiao – tourism Sohu Sichuan Tibet line, also known as the Sichuan Tibet highway. In Sichuan Chengdu, Ya’an, Kangding, Yajiang, Litang, Batang, Xinduqiao, Tibet into Mangkam, and then by Banda, eight places, Bomi, Linzhi, finally to Lhasa. The summer of 2016, with a special mood, a person I embarked on a total length of 2149 kilometers south of the Sichuan Tibet line. Four years ago for a commitment for Mr L on the Sichuan Tibet line, it look beautiful Ranwu lake. Along the way, 2 bus, 17 bus ride to good people. 2149 km road, over 14 elevation 4000 mountains. Across the river, a natural barrier, go over the mountains, canyons, a high anti fever uncomfortable, there are crazy on the snowy plateau Xing Xi; witnessed three of the deceased’s burial, also witnessed a couple of Tibetan wedding. Pure hiking all day from morning to night, never thought he is wearing slippers to others… McGregor Pakistan road risk, suffered landslides; the clip pull mountain fog shuttle car accident almost day of heavy rain; Bomi stood on the road, forced to stop the rapid vehicle. Met a lot of interesting things had not thought, have done a lot of who do not dare try frantically to put the last of the youth to stay on the road ~ here is about Kangding Xinduqiao story. Kangding morning air is fresh, the multi fold river is still a dire wolf roars. When I walked out of the room, my aunt was still asleep, and I put the key on the table. A push to open the door, the last night to see the mountains appeared. However, the mountain in the house is only a small part, most of them were covered in fog, and finally become the same color as the sky. A sculpture along the road. Reflects the ancient tea horse road travel state of people. Statue of the gate of the "arrow furnace" is the old name of Kangding. Kangding is the Ancient Tea Horse Road Town, the Tibetan and Chinese culture blend in here. Kangding is the first large city Sichuan Tibet line into the Kham plateau after the city house with Tibetan style, two rivers surging inside, surrounded by hills, elongated along the 318 extension. Continue to walk along the river, I do not know how long. The fog slowly began to disperse, the mountains have a vivid feeling. The sun gradually came out, my mood also becomes very good, Kangding began to change from golden. "Happy yo yo mountain, a large cloud ear appears to have the classical love song. Came to a nearby post office, I have prepared this stamp out for the Sichuan Tibet line first postmark. After a few more bridges, they reached a crossroads. Standing at the intersection of serious look, several car outside the car in the past, so that is the right direction, 318 State Road, I smell you ~ then I stood in the intersection began hailed. To be honest, the beginning of the individual will be embarrassed, stretched out of the hands will not consciously come back. The first car was stopped for seventh times. Can the teacher take a ride?" "Where to go?" Xinduqiao "." Mama ah..相关的主题文章: