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is the most famous scenic spot in Henan province.

Shaolin Temple is located in Zhengzhou, Dengfeng, founded in 495 ad, is the Zen ancestor court. This temple monks and become famous because of martial arts, and a 1982 movie "Shaolin Temple" is known to every family, since the Tang Dynasty was known as the best in all the land temple.

Shaolin monks practicing martial arts, has a long history. Martial arts master Jin Yong’s novels often appear Shaolin faction, seventy-two skilled known. The Shaolin monks in the temple of the ancient martial arts on the left traces.

The famous monastery of

, in fact, the area is not large, UNESCO in 2010 to include Shaolin Temple, "heaven and earth" buildings listed as world cultural heritage.

2006 in March 22nd, when President Putin visited Shaolin Temple, watching Shaolin Kung Fu Performances, he was the first foreign minister to visit Shaolin Temple in Shaolin history.

in the corner of Shaolin Temple, dedicated to the film "Shaolin Temple" theme song engraved on the stone, in order to thank the film to promote the contribution of Shaolin Temple.

Shaolin Temple has not given up the road to commercialization, founder of Shaolin monk group, on behalf of management of other temples, open Shaolin pharmacy, Shaolin bookstore and other, with the reputation of Shaolin Temple, in the commercial road farther.

by the end of 2016, Shaolin Temple hosted 17 monasteries in the country, known as the lower house of Shaolin Temple, and bought a piece of land in Australia, ready to build Shaolin Temple overseas.

had heard rumors of Shaolin Temple in 2010 to be listed, the Shaolin Temple was denied. It is said that the local government is to Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Temple listed China did not know.

Shaolin Temple in Tallinn, is the tomb of monks. Since the Tang Dynasty, more than 230 seats in Guta, is the largest in Tallinn. The higher the number of towers, the greater the prestige of the monk.