3U.S. $50 million purchase of new sniper rifles at the price of only 13|U.S. $50 million purchase of new sniper rifles at the price of only 13

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US $0.5 billion purchase of new sniper rifle unit only China is divided into three, one of the authors: Hou Know Health recently in the United States and Germany HK company signed a sum of $44.5 million contract, order 3643 set HK G28 semi-automatic sniper rifle, for the elimination of previously ordered the M110 sniper rifle; the two guns are based on the ar15 / M16 and M4) family of derived types, caliber, ammunition and firearms structure, theoretical performance are highly consistent. G28 semi-automatic sniper rifle is actually the M110 sniper rifle system installed in the U.S. military is not too long, it is the main problem in quality control. M110 series developed by the United States KAC company, the initial delivery of the sample gun can reach, and even more than the military requirements, can do more than the U.S. military’s original M40 M24 bolt sniper rifle is also high precision. But after a win the competition, and began to batch production, army snipers has found that M110’s performance is very unstable, and individual differences between, quite a number of firearms accuracy simply not up to the proper standard. Moreover, the failure rate is high. This is obviously not the issue of the basic design of firearms itself – to do the AR15 family of companies and products too much, the launch of the 7.62×51 mm rifle high precision AR rifle is not only play quasi reliable and reliable models abound. M110 sniper rifle tolerated years did not significantly changed after, in light weapons procurement never speak of patriotism in the U.S., once again make the who, who, who and who not to fuck off, facing the worldwide bidding. In fact don’t say is M110 this all too is exposed obvious quality problems of products, long-term by the military orders eat, status and trend similar of China’s SOEs colt just because of the long-term on the process and properties of no progress, and the cost is high, the last is Belgian FN company grab the M16 and M4 rifle production in, finally sad bankruptcy. Picture: the claim that "God created human beings and colt made human equality" colt, eventually because self enclosed and complacency, the closure in the equality of the commercial competition. Even if it declared that "pure American manufacturing", high patriotic brand, emotional card, but still no avail – the cost and performance of the final product determines everything. Strong competition mechanism, for American light weapons equipment system provides a strong vitality, it does not guarantee to make choices and decisions and never made mistakes, but can ensure that errors can be corrected as soon as possible. The cost control and performance indicators of the US military’s light weapons have been developing along with the times, based on the self correcting and evolutionary dynamics driven by the strong commercial interests. Under this background, even though the U.S. part of senior officers to existing equipment had to do so. Such as the M16 and M4, many U. S. generals that colt’s products actually also not much is not good, and the company of more than 100 years is the history of the United States is inalienable part of, the U. S. should support the colt. However in replace the colt to obtain military orders of profit driven, FN company in materials technology and gun performance index paid great effort, and spare no effort to top American exhibition.