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4 public officers butt escape after normal work have also been promoted to the original title: 3 cars run over 65 year old man who is causing the deaths of 3 vehicles over 65 year old man who is caused by the deaths of the evening of November 23, 2015, a township government in Shaanxi County of Chengcheng province 4 public officers drove out to dinner on the way, the vehicle hit a "standing" in the 65 year old man. 4 people failed to protect the scene to implement the rescue, after a few minutes a taxi from the old man knocked over. 4 public officers decided to escape along the hidden path home, while the old man was crushed by the third cars, police rushed to determine the death. The old man was killed before the first car crash, the key to the case. October 28, 2016, Chengcheng County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade deputy chief of the traffic accident of the party Wei Zhongli wave is not satisfied with the party, lost about 400000 yuan is not satisfied, why do you want to call it? The 40 year old party front to do small business, wave in Xi’an in November 23, 2015, the party front wave father Huang Fuqi from Xi’an Chengcheng back home condolences villagers, died in the village outside the State Road 108, the police found at least 3 vehicles from its over. The 65 year old to attend the funeral accident in October 27th, a hotel in Chengcheng County, the party front wave about before and after my father died. Party Feng said his brother and sister at home two people, he followed his mother’s surname surname party, sister followed his father’s surname huang. Father Huang Fuqi early in the Xinjiang army, was demobilized from the army to a company in Sichuan, back to the Chengcheng County of Shaanxi province in Dongjiahe coal mine work. At the time of the incident, his father Huang Fuqi was 65 years old. After retirement, Huang Fuqi and his wife to follow his son party wave to Xi’an life. However, if a home must return home to participate in weddings and funerals, the elderly. In November 21, 2015, the village people have died, Huang Fuqi from Xi’an Chengcheng back home to attend the funeral. In November 23rd, the dead will be buried after, Huang Fuqi began to some good relationships with friends around, did not think this could be the last moment of his life. The 69 year old Wei Zhuang Zhen Wei Er Cun, Chengcheng County, the villagers Yao Youjiang said, in 1968, he and Huang Fuqi from Chengcheng county to Xinjiang with the army, then two men assigned to a factory in Sichuan. The last century at the beginning of 80s, two people went from Sichuan back to Chengcheng County of Shaanxi Province in Dongjiahe coal mine. Yao Youjiang said, after the retirement of Huang Fuqi, following the son living in Xi’an, but every time he comes back to Yao Youjiang’s house to sit. Huang Fuqi lived in the 108 State Road East, Yao Youjiang opened a small agricultural shops in the State Road 108 West, two distance is across the road. This time, two people talk after Huang Fuqi left. Yao Youjiang said, when the sky is dark, should be around 6 points". At 8:30 in the evening, the son of Yao Youjiang after returning from the outside, on the road out of an old man was killed, may be Huang Fuqi, Yao Youjiang heard immediately rushed to the scene, confirmed that the deceased was Huang Fuqi. There are 3 cars from the elderly who ran over the scene more than 100 meters away from a business.相关的主题文章: