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Business When it .es to article marketing , its tempting to think that you can simply stuff your keywords together, call them articles, and expect them to rank well on the SERPs. And indeed, but a short time ago, this was the case (and still is for a few notable black-hatters!) but for the majority of us, our article marketing endeavors would be better served by a little foresight and a few timely tactics that will keep our articles working for us again and again. 1. Information is what people want. What does your target audience want to know? What problems or .mon mistakes do they deal with? Are there new places to get information or items that would be of interest to them? Provide timely, useful, unique information. Cater to that basic premise for every article you write, and you can bet your articles will get passed along like the latest gossip at a small town bar. 2. Take full advantage of free promotional sites. Article directories are great places to get visibility to your articles because the sites have already gained authority with the search engines. The myriad assortment of Web 2.0 properties are excellent places to network with others, build back links to your main site, and generate buzz about your business — so long as you are marketing your articles to the appropriate demographic, that is. 3. Interlink your articles. Expand the reach of your articles and their usefulness by interlinking articles youve already written with those you are starting now. This builds your credibility while simultaneously keeping people on "your" information. 4. Put things in the right order. Start with a catchy title, and then offer valuable information free of any obligation in the main body of your article. Save your elevator pitch for the resource box or the end of your piece. Pick one call to action that youd like people to take and place it in a strongly written fashion at the end of your article. Talk about benefits, not why they should buy. 5. Promote your articles aggressively. Youve put all this time and energy into making something valuable for people, now get creative about letting them know! Put your best read articles in an e-book, allow your affiliates (if you have them) to use them as marketing pieces of their own, place them in RSS feeds and syndicate them, and/or put them on autoresponders so they work for you while you sleep. A final article marketing tactic to employ at any step along the way is to partner up with a professional outsource .pany, knowledgeable in the ways of SEO and effective article marketing. After all, no man is an island, and every man can benefit from an army of professionals dedicated to their campaign goals! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: