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PPC-Advertising Money invested is not always money gained. In fact, when it .es to SEO packages, the money you invest may only lead to more money (profits), if you know how to sow online marketing seeds well. And when it .es to paid marketing on the search engines or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, this is truer than the fact that the Earth goes around the Sun! However, time and again, we find firms employing PPC campaign strategies that not only reek of mismanagement of funds, but also of having no direction whatsoever. Some also do not implement any modes to track the success (business leads in this case) of the campaign as well. So when hiring affordable SEO packages online, make sure you have these 5 PPC campaign mistakes out of your way 1.Website/Landing Page Not Receptive Do not count your chickens before they hatch. However, in PPC, it rather is Do not lay your eggs till the nest is planned. The nest, in this case is your website. So unless you have an awesome conversion-oriented, user-interactive landing page in place to stun the potential leads into sales, hold back on the PPC Campaign. >Firms that offer SEO packages can ensure that you have such a page ready which is why professional help is so widely encouraged. 2.No Google AdWords or Analytics in Play Google AdWords & Google Analytics are the best parameters to track and measure the success of your PPC campaign. Make sure that they are included in the SEO packages you hire, along with detailed reports and amendments to the campaign according to these tools. 3.Irregular Evaluation of the Results Evaluation, on regular intervals, is the key to paid marketing success. If you already have hired SEO professionals who will supervise, fine-tune and re-direct the campaign when necessary you can rest assured you are going to be richer by the end of the PPC crusade. 4.Broken Pages in the Fray Again, make sure you do not have pages with Re-direction errors, broken frames or irrelevant text to be present on the Display URLs. Powerful PPC campaigns always have pages that .plement the conversions and not the bounce rate! 5.Auto-Running the Whole PPC Campaign Allowing your PPC campaign to run on auto-pilot mode, just because you thought you could save some on your SEO packages is just hara-kiri for your sales and profit statistics. If you are short on the budget side, hire someone who can supervise the campaign once it has been set up and make sure he monitors it online, EVERY day! So, right from researching the right keywords and assigning the right landing pages to manual monitoring of the whole campaign make sure you have every one of these points in mind while selecting your SEO packages online. Otherwise, you might just end up in a heap of bad investors who have lost their money making the same mistakes they could have easily avoided had they read this article! On a serious note invest wisely in a paid marketing campaign, and you will reap rewards in gold no less than King Midas himself! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: