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Are you all right with the life-saving medicine? Cardiovascular professionals of non Sohu for health, to help you understand more of the cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment knowledge! Wang Fang from people such as the life leaves a drop, a drop in life, every time of season, all have buds hanging in the branches. The heart is a container, refresh, often empty will be facing the sun, light. Jinqiu heatwave has not yet receded, the moon has been quietly plump. Home, family, home, sweet scented osmanthus, moon cake, August fifteen — this is a memorable day just mentioned. Before the Mid Autumn Festival last visits to the hospital prescription, with a lot more. There is a rural aunt to Beijing son home Festival, has been concerned about my personal WeChat platform article. Her daughter-in-law is very filial, accompanied her to the hospital to see me. After asking that she suffered from angina, in recent years, particularly frequent attacks. Detailed inspection of the inspection data before she did, I gave her in patients with coronary heart disease often eat aspirin, metoprolol, atorvastatin and other conventional drugs, filial daughter-in-law asked to open some available nitroglycerin, Kyushin Pills, compound Danshen Dripping Pills emergency treatment drug etc.. But what kind of food to eat, how to eat is a loss of face. Wait for outpatient is really too much, I can only say some simple precautions, and then she had let assistant in the bottle was marked. Before leaving aunt finally from the bag and took out a small bag of homemade moon cake gift to me, and poker-faced said to me: "you have to keep going, which is very useful to us." So is the trust feedback aunt, the WeChat I wrote angina first-aid medicine — nitroglycerin and available to Kyushin Pills, and the common characteristics and differences of Compound Danshen dripping pills were analyzed and presented. When the heart muscle is not sufficient blood supply and hypoxia, people will appear "angina" symptoms. Due to insufficient blood supply: the arteries that carry blood to the heart is too narrow, so how to angina pectoris in a convenient and efficient "expansion" arteries to increase blood flow, become the primary index of all the emergency treatment drug selection. At present, the first aid on angina pectoris of Western medicine, there are proprietary Chinese medicines, more common, including nitroglycerin, quick acting Kyushin Pills, etc., but how to choose but let a lot of patients and their families tangled. To solve this problem, we need to fully understand the nitroglycerin and available Kyushin Pills (hereinafter referred to as "available") features (of course for patients with severe stenosis, stenting or bypass is the most efficient and effective method). Nitroglycerin and nitroglycerin, which is a kind of nitrate ester, have been used in clinic for 150 years, and it is also a classic medicine for relieving angina pectoris. Nitroglycerin releases nitric oxide in the body, which increases the number of "cGMP" in the arterial smooth muscle and other tissues, which can well regulate blood vessel dilation. In addition to angina emergency, nitroglycerin can reduce blood pressure and treat congestive heart failure. Kyushin Pills is available in traditional Chinese medicine, the spread of printing