55Half horse prince said 5 km with the African players feel good (video)|Half horse prince said 5 km with the African players feel good (video)2

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Half horse prince lead 5 kilometers from Africa said competitors feel good 2016 Beijing marathon champion from Ethiopia players swept the top three Li Shaozhuang was the leader of the September 17th Beijing sports Tencent (Wen Zhang Nan) with the marathon is more and more popular, amateur star runner this group has gradually become the focus of media attention. In today’s Beijing marathon, amateur runners inside a professional player Li Shaozhuang with a professional player, also led the five km. Although this lead to affect his game today to create PB (personal best), but this is still very happy to run with the professional feeling. This morning, when the starting point are Tian pistol, who also did not expect from the amateur group Li Shaozhuang actually led the professional group of African athletes led nearly five kilometers. Although not continue to adhere to, but this picture is still a lot of amateur players are very excited. Known as China’s "half horse Little Prince" title, he is also 2 hours to complete the game with a score of 35 points. Run over the end, especially after the printing of the "I am Li Shaozhuang, about it," he is also a word that attracted everyone’s attention. The leader talked about today’s experience, Li Shaozhuang said with a smile because you know you cannot run to the top, so I want to start off, a face in front of the cameras. Able to lead a professional player five km, for many amateur runners is not an easy thing. However, Li Shaozhuang said today because of this lead, his entire rhythm was disrupted. His personal best score was 2 hours and 24 minutes, today did not break the results. But it’s good for him to have such an experience. Because the next week to go abroad to participate in a small game, so today’s North horse for Li Shaozhuang is just a training. Although the rhythm has been disrupted, but Li Shaozhuang said today he ran down the whole journey feeling easier than before, especially after 30 km did not run so tired before, passing the end did not feel like the kind of pumping. I hope that today’s game can play a better role in the back of the mobilization.