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Business After SMS and MMS, it is now the time for video messaging service (VMS). VMS facilitates its user to watch, share and comment on video content through a mobile phone. People using a 3G or a Smartphone can download the VMS app from the App-Store. It has been developed on lines of technology of SMS and MMS. It is a simple, fast and inexpensive method to exchange video content. Mobile video SMS can be sent the same way as a simple SMS. VMS can be accessed through a central storage memory and does not require a separate storage memory. This also means that the user can access the video content on any phone or in case of changing a phone; there will be no need to transfer the video content. Functions of VMS Personal Uses The user can send and receive mobile video SMS in quicker way. Moreover, as compared to MMS, this supports a video of just 20 seconds; VMS supports a video of 5 minutes. This means that you can send videos of longer duration at the same speed as a VMS. VMS can also be used for live mobile video chat anywhere on the go. Video blogs can be updated via mobile phone. Creation of a video message is easier than typing a long message as text. Professional Uses Organizations can use VMS for marketing purposes as the visual medium is always more appealing to the user. Advertisements in form of independent videos or as a part of shared videos enhance it as a new approach to marketing. VMS can also be used for mobile video chat for professional purposes in which the management can inform it employees about new policies or new products to its clients. Celebrities can use video messaging to reach out to their fans through mobile video SMS. VMS is a simple way to create, view and share video content with other users. VMS offers add-on services to its users in the form of VMS Play, VMS Out and Premium VMS. VMS also provides customized privacy settings for the user through which users can share only if a user has subscribed to the video content of the other user. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: