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Mobile-Cell-Phone There are a wide variety of mobile phone manufacturers in this world. But only that company gets success who delivers the best. Once such mobile manufacturer is Samsung. The mobile phones that this company has manufactured are really world class. Each handset is unique with the latest features and glamorous looks. Apart from this Samsung mobile phones are also known for highest level of customer satisfaction. These handsets are divided into some classes according to the features that they have and the need of customers. These new mobile phones are categorised as basic phones, touchscreen phones, music phones, GPS enable handsets, GPRS enabled handsets and many more. The latest touchscreen handsets are having large screens that may be TFT or AMOLED. The latter one is more clear and displays vivid graphics. Then there is another sub-category of these displays as resistive or capacitive. The resistive touchscreens are tough and more durable but the accuracy is less and the use of stylus is must. While the capacitive touchscreens are a bit delicate but have very high level of accuracy even if navigated by finger tips. To protect it from external damages there are features like protective covers and Proximity sensor for auto turn-off. Mobile Phones Deals are offered by leading network providers like Orange, O2, Three, T Mobile, Virgin, Vodafone and others. They provide some very cheap contract deals. These deals are coming with free gifts like LCD TVs, laptops, bluetooth headsets, music players and many more. These Samsung handsets with free gifts are great for attracting customers. Then there are lucrative free incentives like free calling minutes, free monthly texts, free connection, free data and free half or full line rentals. For customers who don’t like long term contracts there are the cheap Pay as you go mobile phones. These phones give you full freedom of talking while giving absolute control on mobile phone expenses. In this case the user buys the latest Samsung handset with all the best features and a connection of his or her own choice. But the difference lies in the fact that there are no monthly bills. Instead the customer purchases pre-paid vouchers. These vouchers provide calling balance on the phone. So ultimately with this pre-payment concept there is a constant check on the mobile phone expenses of the user. So now that there is a best suited option for everyone, what are you waiting for, just go online and buy the best Samsung mobile phones. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: