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Travel-and-Leisure One of the great things about traveling in Europe is that it could be done in a very inexpensive way. This situation of inexpensive travel gave birth to the backpackers and these were high school graduates or college kids who would spend their summers traveling around Europe with a month or two long trains pass which they would use optimally. They would also go and stay at inexpensive hostels, meeting other travelers and would go visit the different countries, sometimes in packs, sometimes with a travel buddy or even sometimes alone. This unique experience has spread to North America as well as Americans and Canadians do go on this journey, sometimes it is a rite of passage to them as this sense of independence and being pleasantly lost enhances their real life education about the world. These days even backpackers from Asian countries have joined in this foray. Before the internet, these travelers were armed with travel guide books, the most popular ones were done by the Lonely Planet, a translation book, and cash or travelers checks. These days, with the advent of the Internet, travelers can go online and do their research on the fly and they can also have handy translation machines which enables them to converse with locals utilizing the local dialect or language. Here are some things to know when planning to travel to Europe: 1. Do your research. Use the internet to plan your trip. Find out which are the best places to go ahead of time. Try to find the cheapest places to stay and see if you can book ahead of time. Also try to find the train schedules so you can plan your trip and avoid spending long hours at the train station. 2. See if there is any travel documents needed. Maybe your country doesn’t have reciprocity with some of the countries you intend to visit so you may need a visa. Some visa application periods take more than a month so plan ahead. 3. Get feedback from travel blogs. Sometimes the best information can be found online by those who have visited the area. This is something unique to the internet and it may be very useful to you. The scope of traveling has also increased. Since 2000, travelers can now travel to Sweden directly by train through Brussels which can then take them to Copenhagen. The Oresund bridge links Copenhagen to Sweden through Malmo and aside from the train, this bridge also connects people traveling by their own cars from Mainland Europe, which would be Denmark, through Copenhagen to Sweden. The world has gotten smaller with such infrastructure in place. This Swedish Train has made more economical for both Swedish citizens to go travel to mainland Europe and vice versa and only adds to the Swedish economy in terms of increasing numbers of tourists. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: