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Weight-Loss So you want to lose weight and you tried a number of methods with no satisfying results? And you are asking why I cant lose weight? Well, actually this is a good step to take as this means that you understand that our bodies are different and there is no one method that can work for everyone in the world. So you are looking for an alternative method that may work for you. To help you make the right choice I will tell you about some possible reasons that can prevent you from losing weight, if you have one or more of these then you know what problem you should solve: Possible Reason #1: Have you heard before about the effect of genetics on losing weight? May be you think that there some people who cant lose weight because of there genetics, think again. Genetics affect weight by about %20 of the whole factors affecting weight of the body. So forget about this genetic myth and search for other medical conditions that may prevent you from losing weight. If you have insulin resistance or low thyroid disease you should visit your doctor first as it will be almost impossible to lose weight if you have one of these conditions. Once you solve the medical condition you will be able to lose weight like any one else. Possible Reason #2: Todays life is full of stress more than before, financial stress, stress in the work, stress due to relations and so on. Some people react to their stress with eating more, the more stress they experience the more they eat. This is called Emotional Eating and it is common thing, you may have it without even noticing. If you have this problem then you should learn how to deal with your emotions. Eating more will not solve your problems and make you happy. Eating more will make you overweight and increase your stress. So watch your eating habits when you are stressed. Possible Reason #3: Every one of us is a unique person, no one have the same body, habits, emotions and many other factors. So may be the reason you are not losing weight is that simply you are following a plan that doesnt suit you. There are plans which focus on diet mainly, other focus on workout plan and others focus on psychological factors. If you dont like exercising a lot so you need to depend on a diet plan that decrease the amount of calories you take in and with some easy exercises each day you will lose weight. If you like doing exercises then you may want to focus on a workout program, there are programs the can make you lose a lot of weight with hard exercises like weight lifting. So simply If you have one of the about problems get rid of it then your weight loss journey will be much easier. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: