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Writing-and-Speaking Radio talk shows are in desperate need of people to be interviewed. Every time they just "open the phone lines to callers," they are admitting defeat. Producers who cannot find interesting guests to help fill the air time will soon lose their jobs. If you can entertain people or inform people, the producers of radio talk shows need you. If you are the author of a non-technical book, you need to be on radio talk shows. You have to promote your own book; you can’t count on your publisher to. You have to let people know about your book. You have to make them desire to buy it. You have to make them excited about it. It’s too expensive for you to go on a nationwide book tour, and you’d only talk to a few people here and there at book signings. That’s expensive and exhausting and it won’t reach that many people. You can reach a huge number of people by placing ads on radio stations, but you can’t afford that either. You can, however, be invited to be a guest on radio talk shows. You’ll get maybe half an hour talking to thousands of people, telling them stories, giving them surprising information, and at the end, you get to tell them how to buy your book. You can’t afford to buy that publicity, but you can get it for free. How you get on radio talk shows? You have to contact the producers and sell them on having you as a guest. How can you find the producers? You can get a database of radio talk shows all across America, information about what they’re looking for, and contact information for the producers. What is the price of this database? Under $150 — and with all the books you will sell, it is well worth it. What do you do when you’re on the radio talk show? You call them from your home, or they call you. You supply them ahead of time with a list of 10 or so questions that they can ask you. When you’re answering the questions, remember first that you are there to make the host look good and second you are there to entertain and inform listeners. You want to listeners to remember how entertaining and informative you were so they will be looking for even more from you and will buy your book to get it. On towards the end of the interview, the host will ask you how listeners can get a copy of your book. Then you can tell them. Be sure your listeners can find a copy of your book to buy. It’ll be easy to find a copy if your book is in bookstores — although you get less money than if you sell it yourself. Otherwise you need a web site they can go to and make the purchase, and perhaps an 800 number as well. You will also need some procedure for order fulfillment. The more successful you are, the less pleasant it will be to fulfill the orders yourself. It’s much easier to contract with a company to do that for you . You’ll still get a much larger fraction of the book’s price than by selling it through a bookstore. There you have the overview: create the book, promote it on radio talk shows, fulfill the orders, and rake in money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: