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Finance While small businesses contribute just as much to the prosperity of Jacksonville as the large ones, the big commercial banks hardly do anything to encourage them. Even after recovering from the long termed credit crisis, for the small businesses, they still have high interest rates and other harsh terms and conditions. This is when the small businesses need a stronger financial support right now because they are in the process of their recovery from the global economic slump. As Christina Howard, vice president of entrepreneurial development with the Dayton Development Coalition, said, This year is going to be tougher on small businesses than even 2009 because in recovery, there is more need for cash. Small businesses are going to need to replenish cash, but there arent many places to go externally. Thankfully, the big commercial banks of Jacksonville, Florida are not the only option for the small businesses existing there. They have alternative sources of funding as well, including leasing, home equity lines of credit, loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration and other government guarantee programs. However, the most popular source of funding for the small businesses of Jacksonville are the small business banks; the reason being the convenience involved in acquiring loans from them. First of all, every small business bank of Jacksonville provides the borrower with loans at extremely low interest rates. Thereafter, they provide them with a low minimum balance account. Not only this, in order to help the small businesses from all the complicated procedures of cash transfer and other exhaustive paper works, every small business bank of Jacksonville provides its borrowers with Target Balance accounts and ACH origination; which are simply the testimony to the special treatment that the small business banks give to even their small clients. Moreover, to alleviate the earnings of the small businesses in every way that they can, the small business banks of Jacksonville provide them with sweep accounts where the cash of the borrower can be transferred on a daily basis and also earn interests. Well, I guess it this is how the small businesses of this thriving metropolitan managed to survive through the monstrous credit crisis. Thank You Small Business Banking services, Jacksonville! Several small business banks of Jacksonville are also community banks. Hence they don’t only provide banking services to the needy, but also work for the betterment of the society by working with NGO’s and other social bodies like the American Cancer Society and The Public Library. One of the most reputed small businesses and community banks in Jacksonville, Florida is The Jacksonville Bank. To know all about it and avail its services, if you want any, you can log on to jaxbank. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: