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Mobile-Cell-Phone In the recent years it there has been a radical growth in the number of mobile subscribers in India. As a result the mobile service in India has been also propelled. To attract more and more subscribers the service providers are offering more and more facilities. These consumer friendly services have helped them in getting the greatest share in the market. One of the recent facilities that have been provided by most of the companies is online mobile recharge option. Recharging Idea mobiles have also become possible with this feature. Thus the people can now get their mobile recharged sitting in their home at any hour of the day. There are various ways with the help of which the mobile subscribers recharge over the internet. He can either log into the official website of the company or visit a third part website that has the authority to process the transaction on behalf of online mobile recharge Idea. When someone is recharging from the official website of the company he has to just enter his mobile number and choose a plan. But in case the person is doing from a third part website he has to first register. Once his number gets verified with the subscriber he is allowed to do the recharge. There are few website that offer coupons to the customer so that he can get some extra talk time. These coupons are a part of the sales promotion. Sometimes the coupons can be also used to purchase other items on discount. There are various ways of making the payment for online prepaid recharge. The person can use net banking, credit card or debit card to make the payment. Once the recharge is made and the payment is confirmed the account linked with the credit card gets debited. There is no delay in initiating the recharge request. In case the person is doing the payment with the help of his debit card or net banking facility he will be taken to the official website of the bank with which he is having his account. There have to follow some simple stops for online payment. Verification will be carried out by the bank and the Idea recharge will be made instantly. The whole process of getting the online prepaid mobile recharge done will not take more than 4 minutes. This is very less when considered to the time taken if the person goes to a retail outlet of Idea to get his mobile recharged. The people do not have to worry about the payment system. It is done through secured gateway like Verisign. Thus there is no chance of the bank account details and credit card number getting revealed to the mobile operator. The person does not have to worry about the misuse of the credit card details. A person can do the transaction sitting in his home even at night. All he needs is a computer and internet connection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: