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60 students unable to repay the loan Dutch act 28 affected all students were disclaimer – Beijing reporter correspondent Han Jingwei Bu Yihan, net loan core prompt radiation campus, extreme events caused by social concern. August 24th, China Banking Regulatory Commission made it clear that stop, move, whole, teach, cited the five word policy, the rectification of the campus loan problem. March 9th of this year, Zhengzhou, a 21 year old college student, unable to repay the net loan of $600 thousand to commit suicide, because the student with the identity of the loan information of the 28 students, the money should be borne by the students of the dispute caused by the 28. Reporters learned yesterday, 28 students through consultation with lawyers and net loan platform, net loan platform eventually exempted from their debt obligations. This is caused by extreme events caused by campus loans to a full stop, but the incident exposed the campus loan regulatory loopholes, regulators still let the pain. With the advent of the school season, the education sector and the banking sector has begun to establish a network of early warning mechanism in Colleges and universities to assess the risk of bad campus net loan. College students unable to repay the net loan jump, 28 students were implicated in these net loan regulatory measures, such as the introduction of earlier, the tragedy of the students may not appear." Yesterday morning, the Henan Institute of animal husbandry, animal feed and animal nutrition professional students Wang Bing (a pseudonym), looking at the phone on the four ministries issued a net loan intermediary business management approach greatly regrets. The night of March 9th this year, with Wang Bing professional sophomore Jeong, obsessed with the lottery, lost living expenses, start by lending network gambling, fraudulent use of the name and student loans, the final debts owed about 600000 yuan to repay after a hotel from the city of Qingdao jumped 8 floor to death. Earlier due to pressure owing on the loan, has 4 suicide, including the two jump lake, a crash, once swallowed up 200 sleeping pills. The 21 year old Zheng from the beginning of January 2015 to buy football lottery, lottery and download a variety of APP. From the beginning of the first two, slowly increase bets into 100 yuan, 200 yuan…… Zheng not only lost the cost of living, but also through the network lending platform gambling, and then ask the students to help or fraudulent lending. The school of statistics, since 2015, a total of 28 Zheng borrow, fraudulent use of students ID card, student card, home address and other information, respectively, in Luigi Nono pounds off the stage, everyone interested in staging and love to learn and loan, staging, silver flash 14 microfinance network platform, a total of 589 thousand and 500 yuan loans. After understanding Jeong loan information, Zheng Mouyuan in Dengzhou City, the family has helped Jeong repayment 100 thousand yuan, and then no ability to repay. Jeong sudden death, so that the 600 thousand yuan net loan who is also a variable. In consultation with the net credit, 28 students are exempt Jeong borrowing mostly borrowed by students. Zheng in the name of Wang Bing borrowing 110 thousand yuan. In October 2015, Wang Bing for the first time receive a reminder message, in mid December last year, many students have received a similar message. For the students began to feel the seriousness of the problem. Why campus loan platform, do not consider the repayment ability of students, it is easy for students to lend? Zheng’s 28 students raised objections, unwilling to bear the responsibility of repayment, and decided to pass the lawsuit.相关的主题文章: