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Director of Shaanxi village Party Secretary and village after stabbing suspected Pro nephew called rap – village Party Secretary and village director with Sohu news gathered relatives according to kill the adjudicative document, the Shaanxi provincial high court before the incident, wells and wells five yuan victim Tao produced a contradiction, in the election of village director in the process, the Tao was chosen as well the village director wells, five yuan for the village Party branch secretary. The afternoon of June 22, 2013, Jing Tao call wells restaurant five yuan to the County Council. 19 PM that night, wells five yuan with relatives, Jing Bin came to the teahouse. After the meeting, Tao wells proposed, prepared in the village contracted an infrastructure project, but wells five yuan, the village contracted engineering should not be a man who swept the village director Jing Tao, immediately objected, the two sides dispute. During the period, wells and well Tao five yuan two wells five yuan took strike violently, the cabin’s chair even hit the head and shoulders of the number of wells Tao, until the bench was smashed. At this time, just from the downstairs parking into the room to see uncle Jing Bin and director of the village dispute, together with the Tao tearing up well. According to the Shaanxi Provincial High Court and the fact that, in this process, Jing Bin took out his pocket knife, stabbed several knives out well, died on the spot by Jing tao. After identification, Jing Tao Department of sharp thorn heart and lung and body multiple, caused by massive hemorrhage and death. Well then, five yuan, Jing Bin was rushed to the police arrested. The investigative work, Jing Bin and wells five yuan was involved in another two cases of affray and intentional injury cases. In June 2014, Weinan City, the prosecution of intentional homicide, intentional assault, affray crime prosecution of Jing Bin wells, five yuan. His admission murder was sentenced to death for the trial, Jing Bin admitted that he did not mean to kill the well of the tao. Jing Bin said, since wells Tao when the village director, everywhere began to crack down on Jing Bin, including some of the project contract to stop Jing Bin in the village, after two people had a quarrel, Jing Bin also played for Jing Tao. But the incident that day, I saw Uncle Tao and wells wells five yuan between wells and Tao strike violently, cursing, so only shot beaten Jing tao. "Tao wells with the right arm caught in my neck, pressing my head to hit the corner of the table, I saw her bleeding, he pulled out a folding knife carry stabbed his hips and thighs several knife." Jing Bin said the statement, then still called wells Tao to kill themselves, their then stabbed several knives out well. Later saw police officers came, I picked up the knife out of the room, told police officers, stabbed the man is his own." Jing Bin statement said. For Jing Bin’s confession and the prosecution allegations, uncle wells five yuan and there is no objection, also insisted that Jing Bin is killed. But it is worth mentioning that the restaurant owner and two assistants in the testimony of the witnesses did not determine the knife to kill Jing Bin, but see Jing Bin’s uncle wells five yuan out of the room, to the waiter asked where the tool. But according to the investigation organ Jing Bin readme and wells five yuan confession, identify the murderer as Jing Bin. Finally, after the Weinan intermediate people’s Court of first instance, found that Jing Bin and wells five yuan constitute intentional homicide, as well as the other two intentional injury, search.相关的主题文章: