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Six is not clean? Free crazy Japanese monk let your brain hole wide open [] original title challenge three? Free crazy Japanese monk, with wine, undisturbed alone is the monk to our usual impression, but if to Japan, you can estimate the brain hole wide open. Because the Japanese monk can not only eat meat and drink, but also get married and have children, but also to the Olympic Games, and even shop business…… Some can’t believe it? Take you to refresh your brain. [Olympic] Shi Ze in the Rio Olympics both at half past five every morning to three pm, the city of Nagano, Japan good light temple monks here according to vector Kanazawa spend their day chanting, prayer life. But in the afternoon of three point one, Yazawa Kazuki will suit up to the vicinity of the Xichuan River canoeing training. Here, the vector Kanazawa is Japan’s brilliant canoeing champion, is actively preparing for the Olympic athletes. When talking about why the monk, is actually a chance. The London Olympic Games both wanted to invest in Kanazawa vector kayak training. But don’t get enough training funds, according to the vector Kanazawa for a job. The chairman of Nagano Canoe Association happens to be a temple presided over, then, on the recommendation of the chairman Yazawa Kazuki also chose to be a monk, he began his life again, training. Although the campaign in the Rio Olympics Shi Ze Yihui failed to enter the finals, but his popularity is no less than the date of the championship. [distribution] monk monk on Amazon distribution screenshot before headquartered in sensitive Reavie company in Tokyo in the Amazon Japan website launched a "monk delivery service," the basic price of 35 thousand yen, an additional business need to increase. The customer can please the home, monks funeral homes, cemeteries and other places of Buddhism or other ceremonies presided over the funeral. After the launch of this service, welcomed by many Japanese people. But it also led to the criticism of the Japanese Buddhist groups on the commercialization of religion. [married] TV drama "five nights nine" familiar with Japanese friends all know, in 2015, a "Nine" TV series five nights in Asia can be said to set off a chase drama frenzy. This is not only because of the handsome actor, but also because of the identity of the protagonist is a monk. The monk and the English teachers engaged in long-distance love, are so many Asian audiences accustomed to the monks should be undisturbed unbelievable. But creation comes from life. In Japan, in addition to individual denominations, most monks can get married and have children. [T] Japanese fashion show handsome monks walk T display clothing practice in November 2014, the Japanese Buddhist shrine Koyasan really Zong Yan young missionary monks held sectarian models show. 10 handsome monk in the eyes of about 300 spectators boarded the T platform. It is reported that the 10 monks from the youth of the Church of the members of the election of the 1500. When they were dressed in ordinary people a rare monk clothing or clothing in the usual practice with music debut, Taiwan women applauded. The audience exclaimed: "they are really handsome". [] Hatori Yuki Abbot monk bar there is a company called "Fang" bar in Tokyo bar shinjuku. And the owner of the bar, is east of Kyoto temple, monk Taguchi Hiro may Masamune Ootani faction. Not only the boss, the bar.相关的主题文章: