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Xue Huai Lu Yan Qing Dynasty famous "map" style LaoLa how to reflect the original title: Qing Dynasty painting masters Xue Huai Lu Yan Xue Huai "map" (1717 – 1804), the word Zhu Jun, Phoenix, bamboo, late old, mid Qing Dynasty famous painter in Huaian, Jiangsu, Taoyuan (now Siyang Suqian county) native. The uncle for the Qing Dynasty famous painter, "one of the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou" Bian shoumin. Xue Huai was in Huaian with the side of life painting, so one win true to Lu Yan famous, has the important position in the Qing Dynasty flower and bird painting. Huaian Museum collection of the "Lu Yan axis", embodies the art of calligraphy and painting, is a rare art works. This piece of "Lu Yan" axis, 120 cm vertical, horizontal 92 cm, paper, ink and color ink. Written on the beach, water and low sediment, Luhua snow. Five Lu Yan on reed swamp, or retort preening, foraging or bow, or reduce the first sleep, eat or pitch suck, or look afar. At this time, Lu Yan has a loud crow over the beachhead, has two feet out about landing. Suddenly, Lu Yan on reed swamp have wind vibration, get without moon, the quiet beach geese loud, pierced the night sky, the emergence of life. This is the "wild goose painting respectively as the di Lu Yanming, Hunan, written what limits the cold autumn wind, full of Guanshan parting sentiment." This figure is only six but only write Lu Yan, Su Mingfei food, do form, similar to one, and no one really does not fully explain the behavior of the author, Lu Yan knows, subtle observation. It is written by Lu Yan, handy, to reach the acme of perfection results in good out of a bandbox. There are five grey geese in the picture, six white geese, a white goose. Grey goose is taken freehand drawing, virtual and real, distinct, reached a vigorous, vivid and effective. In the ink, the goose head, wings with nongmo, goose back with light, light dark again to the edges dyed, showed Yanling beautiful, full of flavor. The wild goose feather, with ink is blank, then ochroleucus thinning out. Yan Yan Tsui and foot, with red ocher, although it is a painting, but writing with delicate description. Bai Yan is to take the hook line drawing techniques, pen ink thirsty, show run Wordsworth, although a few pens, but wrote the white Yanzhi character charm, vigorous lines, can be described as ximorujin. On the map with bamboo reed, write, although only write two reed bundle, but sparse and vigorous, swaying in the wind, not only make people feel the autumn Jin, also heard the rustle of a reed. Although not a pen to write in water, but the vast expanse of water. Finally, it also enhanced with ochre embellishment, autumn bleak atmosphere. Figure on the top left and right respectively the inscription and inscription, the top left of the title for its four sentence, Lu Yan "praise vibration wind, get a free life, without the moon" to express the author’s pursuit of freedom and yearning. The poem reads: "vibration autumn sky, moon Gu Lu Keng Nong, not like a cage harrier duck, by the person holding millet call." As "writing for senior Mr. Xu Weng Kam", inscribed "bamboo brother Xue Huai", "phoenix", "under the seal of bamboo square seal. On the right is inscribed "Bingchen June Han two days", "at the age of seventy and nine under seal" white Wenfang india. According to textual research, there is a clear generation, a total of Yu相关的主题文章: