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It is a series of literature Chinese: Shanghai Jiazi painting exhibition debut source: Oriental Morning Post Author: Mao Lun (national artist, curator of the Cheng Shifa Museum of art, the author dictated by the ponderosa pine.) Original title: Shanghai Academy of love a Jiazi 60 years to build Chinese academy launched "the first chapter – Shanghai China painting series exhibition", because of its rare first-hand historical literature, in the art world acclaimed. The "Oriental Morning Post · art review" this issue will be published on the old painter painting painting oral memories. Shanghai China academy dean Shi Dawei said, Shanghai and Beijing in 1956 to build two Chinese Academy for Jiangsu and the establishment of China Academy Foundation, and guide the inheritance and development of China painting style, to promote the integration of North-South and east-west China painting, is a new China art enlightenment, 60 years later, at the beginning of the establishment of the review also, we want to remind the true regression, don’t forget the heart, in a good cultural environment, the establishment of cultural self-confidence. In 1961 President Feng Zikai to talk about art, from left: Wu Yumei, Mao Guolun, Qiu Taofeng, Feng Zikai, Lu Yifei, Jiang Dazhong, Wang Dawen, 1956, in the direct care President Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai, first in Beijing and Shanghai two to begin preparations for the two Chinese academy. This is the revitalization of China’s national painting career, but also for the love of many Chinese painters. A painter by the state, which is unique in the world. Look at the Shanghai Academy of Chinese are on display at the "Shanghai China painting series of literature exhibition at the first chapter, my thoughts back to 56 years ago. Senior high wind Yi was the summer of 1960, Shanghai China Academy (hereinafter referred to as "academy") was formally established soon, attending Shanghai Datong middle school I just finished high school curriculum, the school received a notice, so I went to the Shanghai China academy to report. Later, I knew an old painter Zheng Mukang painting ever seen Datong middle school my painting, I was selected into the Academy of arts. For me, this is big news. Because I love painting since childhood, hope every day there is an art class. Now can enter the Academy, fulfilling my childhood dream of painting every day. The Academy was located in Fenyang Road No. 150, it is a garden with a three layer of white building (it is said that liberation was Bai Chongxi’s mansion), from the north gate, along the circular marble stairs. In the East, and west of the three Hall of the two floor, the walls are a masterpiece painting teacher, He Tianjian, Xie Zhiliu, Fan Shaoyun landscape, Wang Geyi, Tang Yun, Jiang Hanting flower, Shen Yinmo, Wang Fuchang, Zhang Shutong, Guo Shaoyu’s calligraphy, Cheng Shifa painted busts of Mao in the east room layout central…… And we accompanied by these masterpieces. The third is the director of the room and a large studio, we often see the old painter painting where ink brush creation works greatly. We will arrange in a corridor on the ground floor of the south. Out of the window, sun hee and peach bamboo. The students are studying hard and have spent a lifetime of three years. In December 29th of that year, the first batch of students held a grand academy.相关的主题文章: