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Where’s the leftover moon cake? Quzhou moon cake factory to do in September 18th this year, the reporter made a survey interview on moon cake treatment on the market in Quzhou, most of the manufacturers have to focus on the destruction of the recovery of moon cake, some moon cakes will be issued as a welfare enterprise employees, there are a small part of the bulk moon cake is sold at a discount. A small amount of moon cake price "diving" on the 18 day morning, the reporter visited the city section of the supermarket found that before the hot pursuit by the moon cake now has been taken off the counter, moon cake box is almost hard to find. Some supermarkets will bulk moon cake into the snack area to sell, but the price has shrunk dramatically". In the city of Sanjiang Road, a supermarket, the reporter saw even the day to set the moon cake monopoly area has been removed, and in the supermarket at the entrance, only a few cakes under the banner of "buy one get one free" or "special offer sign". In the East West supermarket shop, snack area bulk moon cake to "buy one" sales, quite popular, the price is only half of the usual, and bulk and convenient, so there are a lot of customers will buy back as a snack." Supermarket sales staff told reporters. However, the moon cake shelf life is generally 40 days, people buy moon cake festival should look carefully in the manufacture date, expired please don’t buy and eat moon cakes. Can not afford to sell moon cake destroyed today is the last day of sale, all of these moon cakes will be returned to the company’s headquarters yesterday, do unified treatment." On the morning of 18, the relevant staff of one of the city’s beauty cake store, the store sales this year moon cake box is good, "only a small amount of bulk moon cake, moon cake to do the rest of the unified destroyed." Yesterday, the reporter visited the city several beauty cake store found the store boxed cakes sold, shelves stocked with some 00 scattered bulk moon cake. Kecheng district market supervision bureau relevant responsible person confirmed to reporters, compared to the previous years, the city of moon cake producers in the production of moon cake behave more rationally, many manufacturers in accordance with the needs of customers to make quantitative cakes, rather than something Mr. output many mooncakes in the shop store. This year, our production and sales of moon cakes in the pre made pre production, the latter is basically in accordance with the order to take the amount of. So this year, the company’s moon cake and there is not much left." Quzhou Xiyingmen Food Co., responsible person Li Silong, for the rest of the small moon cake, nor low sales for internal employees. But in return to return to the parent company in accordance with the mechanism, and then put together these moon cakes, destruction. Li Silong said, for the production and sales are in accordance with the orders, one can according to the demand of the market to ensure sales; on the other hand, but also to avoid the blind production, in the recovery process can reduce the number of unnecessary cost.相关的主题文章: