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Commentary: fast international school can not dilute the National Education — Education — original title: international schools can not dilute the current education situation, some parents send their children to the school, hoping that they will become foreign high-quality international talents admitted to the university. This however, some international schools without rebuke, but not in accordance with the relevant laws and policies required to open the basic national education curriculum, make students understood the situation of knowledge, some even asked Chinese national flag and national anthem, a face of vacant land area. This situation is worrying. No matter what form of education, must be carried out within the framework of the law. In accordance with the provisions of our country, in addition to only allow the recruitment of foreign children’s overseas wholly-owned international schools, other types of international schools belong to the nature of Sino foreign cooperative education, must strictly abide by the laws and regulations of education. Sino foreign cooperative education regulations promulgated by the State Council stipulates that the Chinese foreign cooperatively run school shall be in accordance with the opening of the Constitution and the law and ethics of citizens and national courses China requirements for educational institutions of the same type at the same level. In fact, some international schools blindly introducing foreign textbooks, curriculum, and the basic conditions of China education curriculum is less open, not open or just stay in the schedule. At the same time, the education department for international schools mainly in enrollment, examination and supervision of the curriculum are lack, only through regular lectures or timetable to implement supervision and inspection. Some schools even prepared a two schedule, one is used for inspection, one is the actual class. One of the fundamental reasons for the lack of national education in some international schools is that the parents do not pay attention to it. Some parents only pay attention to children’s knowledge and skills education, lack of awareness of national conditions, the purpose of sending their children to international schools is to develop them into an international talent". This psychological transfer to the school, but also to strengthen the school’s desalination of such education. However, in recent years Chinese talents in international human resource market is increasingly favored by the fundamental reason is that China international status improved significantly, broad prospects for development, because Chinese familiar with China thing. No matter where you go, what kind of work you do, national identity is very important. Lack of national education is not complete basic education. In any country, the education of national conditions is an integral part of school education, and should be integrated into the literature, history and extracurricular activities. In the United Kingdom, for example, the primary school will take the opportunity to participate in the world cup in England, let the children hand made flag, singing the national anthem to watch the game. We are in the introduction of quality education in foreign countries at the same time, they also should make full use of the advanced national and national identity education method, otherwise there is a suspicion of trifles. (Zheng Tianhong) (commissioning editor Wang Yiding and Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: