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Xu Xinyue on the show to be YieldStar sexual harassment Xinyue Xu cried on the spot on the show show male guests Xu Xinyue tears Xu Xinyue Sina entertainment news has taken cable TV "Kaidan" female artist Xu Xinyue (Katie) recently unveiled ViuTV program "project" and become the only online topic character, program she with three poisonous male blind competition who was brutally rude and sexual harassment! The program in Katie first met with three female contestants, but three of women she began to appear to have been hostile, constantly questioned her about sex, eventually Katie exposes a virgin, but still be in hot pursuit of Q. The turn of the three men and Katie dialogue, they continue to ask questions and explicit questions, suspected Katie talk less sincere, let Katie feel humiliated once shout burst. After the expression of dissatisfaction in the Facebook Katie refers to the number of times during the shooting was sexually harassed, the problem is all the contestants improvise, but some of the problems have been excessive Cut. The Katie Facebook message is denied shelling ViuTV, refers to the time the producer has to the contestants he just feel that many participants did not respect her. Then several male contestants have to apologize to Katie. In the program, but the incident did not subside, attracted a lot of echoes on the Internet, a large number of users to express their views, many people hold Katie, several participants strongly criticized match not polite.相关的主题文章: