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Tom · Hanks on "Saturday night live" challenge the most difficult role [Abstract]42 season fourth episode, Alec and Kate · Baldwin · Michael Gold Lennon once again played the third presidential debate on the Donald · and Hilary · Trump; Clinton two debate, interplolation set in. Best funny feature. Saturday night live entertainment news (Tencent Wen Dong Qi) October 22nd, Hollywood actor Tom · Hanks (Tom Hanks) ninth time on "Saturday night live" (Saturday Night Live) stage, Qingjushulu, ease of performance, as if just say goodbye here a week, instead of ten years. In the 42 quarter of fourth, Alec · Baldwin (Alec Baldwin) and Kate · gold Lennon (Kate McKinnon) to return again, play the third presidential debate on the Donald · Trump (Donald Trump) and Hilary · Clinton (Hillary Clinton), two people debate, interplolation set in best funny feature. The 60 year old Hanks in the spoof game link Black Adventure in the most difficult role to challenge – supporters of Trump. In reality, Trump Hanks repeatedly bombarded with sound gray false beard, wearing a "rejuvenating the great American baseball cap, played a conspiracy theorist Doug. Prior to Saturday night live, often portrayed as supporters of Trump’s white nationalists, so the audience began to think that the same as the arrogance of Mr Trump and believe in racism, like Mr Doug. But the story does have a subtle reversal, people are surprised to find that Doug and two other black female players and play host Darnell · Hayes [Keenan · Thompson (Kenan Thompson) have played more in common. In addition, "Saturday night live" on twitter announced in November 4th for the first time in the marvel films "Doctor Strange" (Doctor Strange) unveiled the "Sherlock Benedict · Conboy Baki (Benedict Cumberbatch), will be in the United States before the election of a program in the first time featuring presided over the task. The day the music guest will be Beyonce’s sister suolange · Knowles (Solange Knowles). The small plum comedy talent bursting! Leonardo and Jonah to reproduce the classic "Titanic"相关的主题文章: