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King daughter Chaoying for aristocratic adult ceremony and Austria dance with the prince of Austria where Prince Chaoying photo Tencent entertainment news media reported, "four real eldest daughter He Chaoying last week in London in a Queen Charlotte Ball, his partner is the prince of Austria. It turned out to be a polite London society. Not rich and rich two generations must be invited. Super surplus to participate in the dance, as early as a few centuries ago began in 1780, is the king of England George Sans (King George III) for the queen (Queen Charlotte) to celebrate the birthday party. Royal event, the invitation of the girls, of course, are rich and expensive. Every year, the two members of the European royal family will be selected for the first time. The age limit is from the age of 17 to the age of 20. In the past few decades, they have been able to participate at the age of 25. In recent years, the United States has started in Asia with Russian girl invited to attend. The girl was invited in addition to see family, education background, etiquette, but also personally to interview meeting two times, about a girl in the class style of conversation, manners of non-compliance was the first truly. The election is immortal, but also to participate in the etiquette class, dance class, then there will be a fashion designer for white dress girl design with the crown, there were a makeup artist and hair stylist dress. Super profit matching partner was originally the prince of Austria, Royal Highness Duke Alexander of Austria, with the same year with the surplus are 25 years old, he attended the military academy. The Queen Charlotte Ball has been engaged in the 236, it can be said that the European aristocracy culture. The king of the family are not selected for the first time. His 9 children epoch-making photo Liu Xiang sweet dating straight at his girlfriend at Chikan相关的主题文章: