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Known as the "three treasures" of Buddhist monk six reasons for the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha is to save all beings from Suffering Savior (map): the knowledge in "Rinpoche Maitreya ratnagotravibhaga" said: "because they are rare, because there is no scale, with wins, because the most beautiful thing in the world, for the most as a noble, because always, so rare treasures." This is the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha called the reason of rare treasures. There are six main reasons: (a) "rare" means that the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are very rare earth special karma born things, not in any time, any place will appear, anyone can encounter things. Shantideva said: Buddha and Buddhism, like "long night in a lightning accident, every little chance". The emergence of Buddha and Buddhism is the result of the mutual benefit of the common good karma and the mercy of all buddhas. If combined with no such special reasons, it is difficult to appear the Dharma sunny bright bhadrakalpa. So the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha is a rare treasure every thousand. (two) "dirt" Buddha is completely get rid of two kinds of ignorance bad habit covered in the light heart; is no greed, no ego, nature is bright; monks have been born, remove stagnation, obstacle, vulgar polluters. Therefore, the Buddha, the law, the monk is the most pure, the most bright things. (three) "wins" the Buddha and Buddhism has infinite wisdom and great victory, can make all the samsara, I get Changle net, is to win the most difficult victory and suffering of the demons. (four) the "most beautiful" in the world, is the Buddha and Bodhisattva, Yuanjue from holy man of true wisdom, wisdom is the transmission of light, darkness of the Dharma is very bright light of wisdom, wisdom is the most beautiful thing, therefore, the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha is "the solemn". (five) the "noble" Buddha and Bodhisattvas selfless, without me, is to treat all beings are equal, unconditionally and respectively to happiness for all the infinite compassion and mercy heart service the most noble character. The Dharma in this noble sentiments cultivate sentient beings, make all beings become noble. Therefore, the Buddha, the law, the monk is the highest quality. (six) "consistency" is a trait that never goes bad. All the world’s most pro good times don’t last long, flesh and blood relatives had Shenglisibie, most close friends have the power to break up, sometimes will become a "poison", money often bring evil, love into hate, relatives and friends into enemies who It is often seen. What the world will never change, always reliable? Only the Buddha and Buddhism, so that people can gain wisdom, get rid of troubles, overcome internal and external evil, to eliminate the cause of all suffering from, I go on the net Changle Road, so the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha is always the same, can be consistent from beginning to end, trust, can rely on to save all beings from suffering savior. According to the above six reasons, said the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha Sambo "". "Treasure", is a rare, valuable, most true, good, the most beautiful and priceless meaning. – an excerpt from Rinpoche "knowledge Esoteric Buddhism Sambo principle solution" of a text, from the "love of wisdom" in the outbreak of a book. WeChat search on [] easily focus on Buddhism Buddhist Tencent WeChat public no..相关的主题文章: