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Miki Yeung announced the pregnancy refused to reveal the sex of the fetus Miki Yeung sun shine to share the good news of Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hongkong actress Miki Yeung (Miki) is sweet, a member of Cookies group in 2002 2007 debut, has been blasting the intervention department stores little east of Guo Yongchun’s marriage, Wu Zhiheng was thrown from a suspected let palace and skinny to 24 kg. A paper, bear infamy mistress for many years, in April the little east of the centralizer and finally married, she was still on the social networking site recently announced the news of pregnancy. Miki Yeung 1 evening on social networking sites, announced the news of pregnancy, she uploaded a funny picture together with the husband, and in English wrote "little things, you make us become crazy!" Hongkong media also asked to call her pregnancy, she said very much looking forward to the arrival of new life, also thank all the blessings, but refused to disclose the sex of the fetus, with retention of the phrase that "next time we meet again and share!" Miki Yeung and Guo Yongchun at the end of April a high-profile wedding, two people also went to Italy to shoot beautiful wedding, the couple is very happy. After that, his ex-wife also issued said he has been relieved, "after they got married, wish them, I also hope that the couple can live happy." ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: