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Elizabeth · Taylor love story movie Sam · Mendes time reported few Hollywood love story with Elizabeth · and Richard · Taylor; Burton "famous film and television projects par, on the love story has now started," revolutionary road "," 007 party ": Ghost etc. film director Sam Mendes is expected to be directed by ·. The new film will be based on the novel Beautiful Ruins published in Jess Walter2012, focusing on Elizabeth · Taylor and · the true love story of the story of the true love story of the. In 1962, Richard · Burton in "Cleopatra" performances, and actress Elizabeth Taylor fall in love, they are a false thing becomes true, two people love the sensation of the film. Then they got married and divorced twice, in 60s to become the news create a great sensation. It is reported that the film will be interwoven with fiction and reality, focusing on the show "Cleopatra" during the filming of the story. Todd · is the director of the field; originally, but because the issue of copyright license film "Cleopatra", resulting in project development problems. Later the new promoter Fox 2000 company for Mendes to solve the problem. In Sam ·, the ultimate goal of whether or not the film directed by Mendes, screenwriter’s task has been handed over to participate in the transparency of life script Noah Harpster and Micah Fitzerman-Blue jointly responsible. Sam · Mendes himself is currently in the hands of a number of film projects are in progress or contact, including the "peeping Hotel", "flying peach adventure" and so on.相关的主题文章: