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[report] China lottery Lotto 16115: Wood left from the area to the large number of the overall trend, the recent large number of areas to take the heat, prevent and even with a tail number, the area to the large main. The current analysis: small medium large structural analysis: before the district: nearly 10 period interval is 13: 15: 22, stronger large number area number. The interval is 0: 3: 2. The decimal area 1 – 12 date vacancy, later will show a weakening trend; the number of regions in the 13 – 23 number 3, the number can not be ignored; a large number of regional 24-35 number 2, the area code can focus on. Area: small area number should pay attention to this issue to the large main defense. Parity analysis: nearly 10 parity ratio of 26: 24, the odd number. The period before the area is 2 to 3, the area is 2 to 0; this period even number is stronger, the area before the 1 attention: 4. Back: recent parity number parity ratio of the well-matched in strength, pay attention to 1: 1, 2: 0. 012 way analysis: the period before the area is: 1: 1: 3; 0, 1 all the way back 1. Before this period 0: 2: 3; 0, 2 all the way back 1. Even analysis: due to the continuous multi period out of the company, the company opened a larger possibility, the next focus of attention can be scattered. The company opened anti back. And value: before the period and the value increased sharply, and the current value of the space is still rising, and the value should be between 38-131 oscillations may be concerned about 131 points; 5 – 23. The focus of this period: the former district bile: 22, 26, 31. Posterior bile: 11, 12 recommended number: 07, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 31, 11, 12, 32+03. The above views are for reference only. (left)相关的主题文章: