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"Pacific 2" to determine the main female rookie Cai Li & #8226; Spanny plays by Steven recently, · S· science fiction film directed by DNET "Central Pacific 2" confirmed that the film actress, the film actress by rookie Spanny starred · Cai Li. It is reported that this is the second time Spanny Cai Li · making movies. Recently, "Pacific 2" official posting on Twitter: "the latest developments: Cai Li · Sipani will be in" Pacific Rim "in 2 as the female lead." This also means that she will be with actor John Boyejia appearing opposite ·. Cai Li, ·, is a pop singer and actor who is not very popular. She is currently in the film and television performance on record only one independent thriller "Counting to 1000", and the role has not been exposed. As Gilmore · Del · Toro do not want to continue the "Pacific’s 2" have been identified by the drama "daredevil" in the first quarter of creator Steven · S· Dennett, to serve as the "Pacific 2" director, Charlie · in the first film starring Hunnam, had been; said it will not return, and other stars in the first part, including Iraq, Kikuchi Rinko Robert at the TTS · · Kaczynski, Lang · Pullman, are not clear whether it will return. However, in the "Pacific Rim" in 2 as a writer and producer Gilmore · Del · Toro, return to the first actor is optimistic: "I can tell you that a lot of actors from the first film will be in the second regression." "Pacific 2" will begin shooting in Australia in the fall, another location will be in Qingdao China, global company had previously identified the film will be released in the United States in February 23, 2018, the China release time has not been determined. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: