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The last hint of leaves has been blooming, just waiting for you for a week! Sohu (the WeChat tourism public number Chengdu tour around ID:cdzhoubian, welcomed the attention in March November ~) as white as snow, as red as fire. The most beautiful time in Jinchuan! Autumn is the most beautiful time in Sichuan. Late autumn winter season, Chengdu also has some yellow ginkgo, but there are still a lot of buddy leaves. The weekend to go to Jinchuan to play a O brother, to the last touch of red for you to inquire about the western sichuan. The fairy fairy bag wrapped in Jinchuan County of Aba Prefecture of Kazakhstan, March and November are the most beautiful time here. 3 white as snow, as red as fire in November, freakingly beautiful. First of all, to you, Zhang Quanjing, please come to the side of the phone to see… Don’t worry, O brother slowly to tell you. From Chengdu to the immortal Shaer Xiang takes about 7 hours by car. The local farmers arrange accommodation, Sahuan trip officially opened. Under the sun, the side of the wild chrysanthemum bloom is bright. Go on the road with a fairy bag luxury car (or even Macao card), it seems the Tibetan people’s life is quite rich, ha ha. Live from the fairy bag for only 10 minutes, walk a long slope to. Along the way, eyes full of gold yellow red leaves, colorful. The flags and color forest are in perfect harmony with such as washed the sky, the sun in the midday is good ~, has been playing in the yellow leaves through, the leaves were infected with a layer of gold. The flow of light, The brightness dazzles the eyes. Standing on the observation deck, the whole panoramic view of the picturesque valley. Through the layers of leaves, a corner of the snow capped mountains in the distance quietly head exposed. The bag is the perfect location to take photo house ladder. The stone staircase in the white light and shadows, and red roof as red, a concave shape, I shoot how nice. After playing the fairy bag, I heard there is a better view of another platform. But to walk 2, 3 hours. Brother was excluded rejected, but the thought of you, and the power! (there should be applause?) the road up the mountain is a little bumpy, but don’t have a feeling. It took only 1 hours to get to the top. Enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time also to the mountains to exercise, or how good. Stand high and see farther. Fairy bag has become a small hillside. Their efforts to see the beautiful scenery, often more moving. The sun shines on the hillside, and the special terrain makes it look like a palm. On the top of the deck rolling three, the best viewing location also attracted a lot of photography Master to take pictures. The Huo brother next to find them to sign, which is perhaps the hidden masters of photography, ha ha. Take the stairs to the top of the hill, blowing the whirr of the mountain, than the immortal package broader vision can see more beautiful scenery, there is a want of bellowing heroic mood)相关的主题文章: