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"McDull · rice treasure Raiders" "advanced fight monsters" the first stop in Guangzhou was like anger film "McDull, & #183; rice treasure Raiders" Ultimate Trailer Tencent entertainment news in September 15th is about to visit the national cinema Carnival animation film "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" in Guangzhou in August 29th opened the first round. Point mapping. A lot of fans in Guangzhou said after watching the film, the film in addition to the continuation of the previous high production standards and new breakthroughs, McDull monsters and other new elements to brighten. McDull innocence heart remains unchanged, many viewers said together with McDull "grow up, to see him in the movie a bit to realize their dreams, like to see their growth, eyes red". Also many people have said that the film alien ass monster, big meal Bao stupid like "Adorable robot"! The first point to reflect the station location of Guangzhou perfect release McDull McDull – "feelings rice treasure Raiders" tells the story of the earth suddenly encountered strange alien monster ass attack, sausage incarnation of justice against Superman, fish village "pig circle genius" McDull mother wheat in Taihe headmaster’s help, the invention of the super robot big meal Bao to blame. There has always been a hero and a cavity blood child temperament McDull, the intelligence is overflowing, let all the people sit up and take notice. The film is not exposed, every hour and moment "two" ass temperament strange, also have to pay tribute to the "Altman" tokusatsu sausage Superman, attracted audiences of laughter – especially by McDull animation influence Guangzhou audience, is able to feel the fun. As the Hong Kong film classic, the film side will be the first site reflect the Guangzhou city location, is the perfect way to McDull Hong Kong style and Cantonese culture seamless, so many see McDull grew up the audience more directly back to innocence, perfect McDull release feelings. McDull become a hero fighting monsters still resonate with fans cited innocence McDull is a generation of childhood memories, some of the audience began to see McDull, this is with his little friends, two generations together to see McDull is the real meaning of family happiness. Many viewers said the new love McDull film added, "fart monsters and sausage too funny plot on superman. Hardly thought of McDull with innocence to the monsters." At the same time, McDull dream also resonate with a lot of the audience, when he made a super robot big rice treasure, really like his childhood dream to achieve as happy for him." Some of the fans of the scene after the end of the fans watching the film, a moment to remember the film mcdull". McDull fans have concluded, "McDull teach learning treasure like rice, wheat Taijiao McDull life, warmth and love from one generation to another, sometimes laughing cry". "McDull – rice treasure Raiders" as this year’s Mid Autumn Festival Carnival stalls animated film, will be the occasion for a richly endowed by nature. "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" by Xie Liwen who is also the Director / screenwriter, Alice Mak painting creation, Xinhua outlook, global, interactive, poly Xingbao many goods jointly produced Kowloon days, Xinhua Xinyue film, outlook issue, world gold film, China sugar heart, global alliance shadow joint issue, the film will be on 2016.相关的主题文章: