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"2" ending tornado girls Ji Chang Wook Ann Sina entertainment news song Yue River spectrum by Ji Chang Wook, Chen Xiang, Tan Songyun, Wu Lei, Yue Xi [micro-blog] and Guo Junchen, Wang Zixuan and other close cooperation of the youth drama broadcast week "tornado Girl 2", this week officially in Hunan satellite TV ending. This film by mango, the concept of film and television CO produced, according to Ming Xiaoxi’s novel of the same name adapted, with exclusive blood Youth Theme and positive hot elements of the game, harvest excellent results. As the summer of this year, the only one in the continuation of the second quarter of the weekly broadcast drama, whirlwind girls’ youth brand effect in the summer reflects the most vividly in the 2. At that time the popular blood athletic elements, when hit girl heart dream feelings, integration of production, more sophisticated clothing sets, and the crew went to Japan to shoot, to create exquisite style of transnational framing. Starting from the precise positioning of the target audience, the differences in the theme and plot arrangement, is the "2" cyclone girl in the fierce competition in the summer of the key to success. Story broadcast at the same time, the official micro-blog and friends together to open the Tucao mode, super high degree of participation in the topic of the network to help pay attention to soaring straight. Among them, as the first season "role if white Keepsake -" strawberry card ", after Chen Xiang Ji Chang Wook, the night to find the runaway bitter chase after being friends laugh:" scenes to the protagonist." Since it not only became the Taobao explosion, also starring Ji Chang Wook micro-blog "crying". At the same time, "if the white bike ride away secretly Baicao, Ting Hao blackening only need to comb the bangs" causing fans hot point topic, and many fans according to the contents of the original, that the "ice grass" and a stem. The original author Ming Xiaoxi is the "brain hole" amused, in micro-blog responded: "rest assured, Changan is not Baicao brother!" From the combination of "diversified achievement" in the opening of Ji Chang Wook cyclone Girl 2 and Chen Xiang appearance and strength and idol at the same time, Wu Lei, Guo Junchen, Tan Songyun collocation, Wang Zixuan youth fresh small meat, small flowers, the whole cast showing a youthful vitality. "Old and new" casting, familiarity based on the even more fresh in the continuation of the first quarter to the second quarter of Duotian somewhat emotional impact and dramatic tension. In the second quarter, the development of diversification for the feelings of the characters may bring more, many summer combined explosion came into being: Max "boyfriend, let the fans call whirlwind four" together "the strongest bestie gear, cold subtly malicious" boss alliance ", the popularity of CP -" ice grass "," No. seven "," wind "and" firefly". Among them, the "cyclone four" group, Ji Chang Wook, Chen Xiang and her boyfriend Wu Lei, Guo Junchen, Gao Yan "with unified value + different boyfriend" captured the heart of many big ticket. With beautiful body, exquisite play for Ji Chang Wook, the first challenge "glacier" coach, exhibition, show figure, contrast strength acting perfect shape in the cold outside the heat of the image; follow the "high handed executive set by Chen Xiang, in the interpretation of affection also bold in" black "scenes, exceptional performance by fans praise; compared to the first quarter, Wu Lei more mature, previews"相关的主题文章: