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UnCategorized So you’ve decided you want to try a career in massage therapy, but you aren’t quite sure where to start. Massage therapy has be.e much more than simply having your spouse lie on the bed as you give their back a rub while you’re secretly hoping they fall asleep quickly. There are many benefits to massage therapy and different types of massage techniques that will help or hinder specific conditions. How are you going to know which type of massage your client needs? There are many things to learn about massage therapy and what better place to learn those things than in school? There are hundreds of schools in over 30 states that offer programs in massage therapy. An education in massage therapy is much more than just learning where to rub and how much pressure to apply. Your curriculum will cover anatomy, (the study of the human body), physiology, (the functions of organs and their systems), kinesiology, (the study of movement), pathology, (the study of disease), massage history and theory; massage techniques and practice, assessment, (the study of regional orthopedic test for client evaluation), principles of treatment, nutrition, ethics and business. More than 50% of massage therapists work for themselves so knowing how to manage your business is very important to ensure repeat clientele. a certified massage therapist typically takes 600-800 hours of schooling and the cost of tuition will vary from school to school. Highly accredited schools will obviously cost more than your local .munity college. These are all things to consider when deciding where to do your studies. Many colleges offer tuition assistance, student loans and grants to those who qualify. More than schooling, you will run into additional costs with a massage table and/or chair, sheets, towels, oils and lotions along with your textbooks and other learning materials. Massage therapy isn’t something you have to be in college for four years to ac.plish, but the cost can be pricey all the same so it’s important to be sure this is a career path you feel really fits your personality and lifestyle. It is important to be personable yet professional, courteous and consistent. If you have a germ phobia or feel a little shy about touching strangers it’s probably isn’t going to be a good career choice for you. You’ll also need to be understanding, empathetic, and a good listener to follow this career path. You will be assessed on all of these areas upon beginning your massage therapy education. Another thing you need to consider when choosing your school is licensure. Most states have massage therapy regulations and require you to pass an examination in order to obtain your license. It’s important to be certain the school you choose has been approved by an accreditation agency. The reason this is important in a school is to ensure the school you choose has the high standards that are generally required to make sure their students are prepared for their licensing examinations. If you are serious about this career choice, once you find your school and get enrolled you could be enjoying your new life as a massage therapist in no time at all! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: