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If you’re a gout sufferer, you need to avoid gout foods, i.e. foods that are high in purines. Here, you’ll find a list of gout causing foods that should be avoided. WHAT ARE PURINES? Purines are chemical compounds found in your body’s cells and in your food. They are important because they help to provide your energy and protein needs as well as other life benefits. When they breakdown during this process, uric acid is produced. Normally, your kidneys will process the uric acid and excrete excess as waste out of your body. Enough is retained for your body’s needs. Sometimes, though, either too much acid is being produced through the metabolization of purines, or, your kidneys can’t even cope with normal production levels. When this happens you can be left with high uric acid that can result in the formation of urate crystals in your joints that cause a gout attack. GOUT FOODS, PURINES AND URIC ACID A gout sufferer needs to ensure that he or she reduces uric acid levels and maintains them at relatively low levels. Not only do you need to do this to eliminate the symptoms of a current gout attack, you need to do this to prevent possible joint and kidney damage due to repeated gout attacks over time. And, since purines exist in your food, you need to eat a diet that avoids high purine foods. Many foods have high or even very high purine concentrations. These are generally foods that fall withing the following categories; red meat, organ meat, game, poultry, fish, shellfish and legumes. GOUT FOODS TO AVOID LIST The following is a list of gout foods to avoid… fatty red meats meat extracts venison pheasant grouse pork bacon burgers hot dogs kidneys liver heart broth consomme goose duck turkey anchovies sardines scallops mackerel herring mussels shrimp dried legumes yeast (baker’s, brewer’s, extracts) This can’t be a complete list, but it gives you an idea of the kind of foods to avoid for gout. And don’t forget about alcohol which is a known trigger for gout. Avoid alcohol, especially beer. GOUT FOODS AND OTHER CONSIDERATIONS When considering the list of gout foods to avoid, please bear in mind that different people react in different ways to foods that cause gout, because their metabolisms are different. For instance, whereas turkey might be a trigger for a gout attack for one person, another might eat turkey regularly, without any attacks. 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