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Entrepreneurialism Why individuals hate selling? There are two reasons why folks don’t like selling. First, they could experience rejections in the past. Second, they lack of .munication skills. Is it crucial that we learn sales abilities? Yes, sales expertise are important. But, what .es before closing sales? It is building relationship with your potential customers. I hate selling too. Selling for me means confronting individuals or pushing individuals into buying. I do not feel .fortable with selling; nonetheless, I like the idea of building relationship with potential clients before sales. Assume again why people purchase from you if you are a Solo entrepreneur. One reason why people buy from you is as a result of you have a credibility. You will need to build your credibility as an advisor or a consultant that gives an answer for them. Hence, you need to enhance your knowledge, values and .munication skills. You need to position yourself in a unique way. The more unique and knowledgeable you might be, the higher values you may have and persons are interested in you so closing sale is easier. How do you build your credibility? At present is internet age. It is so easy to build your credibility online. You can use social media platform to build your credibility online. Take a look at Facebook page, a lot of the solo entrepreneurs are building their credibility by building their personal brand nicely by social media platform. So, you’ve an excellent personal branding and you need to be taught marketing. Do learn marketing because marketing is a tool to get potential customers, prospects or leads. The act of giving will attract potential prospects since you are giving them a chance to get to know you, your branding and a pattern of your product or service. Interacting with your viewers through Facebook page and email marketing are an efficient tool in marketing. For solo entrepreneurs, you will need to merge your character into the business so the business has a soul, and it’s a UNIQUELY YOU business. By applying attraction marketing, the thought of hate selling will diminish as you are having enjoyable in building relationship with your potential customers. Formulate your marketing messages effectively, ask questions and make feedback as well. By building relationship with your potential customers, you already know well their problem and you may tailor the answer based on their need. Solo Entrepreneurs, don’t let your fear in business turn into the stumbling block for your success. Marketing is about understanding your target market well. Learning marketing and improving .munication abilities repeatedly are the most effective ways to address your fear "hate selling." You should have emotional maturity by your business fear, and your business will develop too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: