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UnCategorized Home alarm system is a device that adds security and protection to your home and loved ones. Over the years, this equipment had been proved to be effective deterrents to unauthorized intruders in your home. With the improvement in technology are innovations in the types of alarm systems. As they .e varied in styles and types, they also .e in different prices. Home alarm system differences Most models of alarm systems had changed from the traditional hard-wired to the wireless kinds. There are models that require high voltage and there are units that will function well with low voltage wirings. Single purpose units cost less than the multi-purpose protective devices. The single purpose can be for burglary or fire protection only. The multi-purpose detects burglary and fire alarms as well as presence of carbon monoxide and water overflow. Some alarm systems are multi-zonal which will cover different areas in the property. There are those that are directed only in a single location in the house, just the house and not the outdoors like pool, garage and backyard. There are home alarm systems that produce loud and audible sounds like sirens and there are models that do not disturb the neighborhood. The silent types protect you by linking the system to law enforcement agencies or central monitoring unit of the installing .pany. And the biggest difference is in the technologies and different detectors that are integrated in the system. Five different kinds of detectors or technologies Glass break detectors These alarms will sound off when glass of the window or door is broken by the culprits. The normal points of entries are the windows and the doors such that the sensors of the burglar alarm are situated in these areas. The sensors can detect both audible and silent alarms. Ultrasonic or motion detectors The motion detectors are specifically integrated to detect any movements in the house or surroundings. A change in sound wave frequency within the monitored zone will make the alarm system emit sounds. This will deter the burglar from getting near the house especially when the alarm system is audible. Microwave detectors The microwave detectors are another kind of motion sensor. These will produce microwave emissions when motion or changes in sound frequency is detected. The emissions will activate the alarm of the system. Passive infrared detectors The passive infrared detectors will distinguish the presence of an intruder by measuring the difference in temperature in the monitored zones. The presence of a culprit will change the temperature thus activating the alarm. Photo electric beams The technology in the photo electric beams functions by emission of infrared light beans in the monitored area. The sensors will detect the presence of an intruder when the body of the culprit obstructs the beam lights. The choice of the kind of technology or detector should be decided on what your situation or condition needs. Furthermore, these technologies will have different prices so that your budget will also be a factor in your decision. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: