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Mobile-Cell-Phone Nokia 5530XM cell phone is the first product released in China market which supports WLAN, and it is also the simplified version of 5800XM cell phone, the appearance of it is more cute, while it adopts the fifth version of mainstream S60 operating system, it supports touch operation, but in the aspect of hardware configuration, it removes the GPS navigation function and the camera certified by Carl Zeiss, the price of this cell phone is 176 U.S. dollars, it has a high cost-performance ratio, please take action quickly. The overall framework of Nokia 5530XM cell phone is very similar to the 5800 cell phone, due to the lower position of Nokia 5530 cell phone, the configuration of it is hard to avoid shrinking. For example, the most intuitive thing is that the screen size is shrieked from 3.2 inches to 2.9 inches, but it still has 16.7 million colors and maintains the 640 360 pixel resolution and the aspect ratio of 16 to 9. The back of the cell phone uses a engineering plastic material, although the non-slip effect is not better than rubber material, but the plasticity of it is obviously stronger. And the pink and white version cell phone is decorated with pink patterns in the back, which highlights the fashion style. Nokia 5530XM cell phone is the first WLAN phone product released in China cell phone market. 5530XM cell phone also has a 434MHz AMR11 processor, a 128MB RAM and a 256MB ROM, and it provides a 70MB available space and the expansion capabilities of the micro-SDHC card. It will inset Windows Live Messenger which supports Youtube video playback, it has a built-in FM radio, it supports a variety of functions, such as Wi-Fi wireless Internet access, MicroSD expansion card, Bluetooth and USB2.0 connectivity, 3.5mm headphone specifications, Bluetooth A2DP, FM Radio and so on. In the aspect of photographing, it uses a 3.2 million pixel camera. .ment: Nokia 5530XM cell phone is a kind of smart phone too, it equips with the Symbian 9.4 operating system and the fifth version of S60 software platform, and has a built-in 70MB of cell phone memory, the system runs smoothly and the operation feature is not bad. The cell phone also supports MicroSD memory expansion and the capacity can be expanded to 4GB, it can store more music files etc., so it makes people"s life more colorful. Someone who is Interested in the product can contact the merchants. Then if you mention IT168.., you will also get better price and service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: