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918 can not know the historical truth of 8 martyrs suicide exposure in September 18, 1931, China people will never forget the day. At 10:20 that evening, the Japanese Kwantung Army garrison second independent brigade third squadron belongs to the river by Lieutenant rate of their subordinates, after long time plotting and planning to blow up near Shenyang Beijiao wicker Lake section of the South Manchuria Railway, planted in the Chinese. As an excuse, Japanese troops launched a fierce attack to Chinese army shelling Shenyang city and Arsenal, this is the 918 incident shocked the world "". Behind the incident, what are the unknown historical truth? Today we read for you…… The truth of a premeditated Japan from June 27, 1927 to July 7th, Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka Yoshihito in Tokyo hosted the "Eastern Conference", formulated the "Outline" policy, establish the first occupation of northeast Inner Mongolia and China occupation policy of aggression and expansion of the Chinese. The picture for the conference site. Japan has long coveted China’s northeast, the northeast as its annexation of China, to dominate Asia and the Pacific region’s primary strategic objectives. The Sino Japanese war in 1894, Japan forced the Qing government signed a "Treaty of Shimonoseki", North Korea invaded Taiwan, Penghu, China, Liaodong Peninsula, and grab in factories, mining and other privileges China. From 1904 to 1905, the Russo Japanese war in Northeast China, Japanese military advantage in Northeast Asia, illegally obtained troops on the Korean Peninsula and northeast China right, and grab the Chinese Liaodong Peninsula, Lushun, Dalian and Changchun to Lushun railway rights. In the summer of 1927, the Japanese government intensified its policy of aggression against china. The Tanaka Administration held a "Eastern Conference" in Tokyo, set to occupy "Manchuria" "fundamental policy", an "Tanaka Memorial" notorious repute, blatantly call China northeast of Japan’s survival is of great interest, "declared but to conquer China, we must first conquer Manmeng; such as to conquer the world, we must first conquer Chinese." The occurrence of the "918 incident" is a great exposure to the Japanese invasion of china. Before and after the domestic situation China, the Kuomintang internal power struggles, split. The Kuomintang to destroy the Communist Party as the primary task of large-scale military "encirclement and suppression of the Jiangxi Central Soviet Area and the revolutionary base in a row". The "918" incident broke out two months ago, Jiang Jieshi told his countrymen in the book, "said what when the red bandits, warlords, traitors and imperialists are of vital importance, not a hair’s breadth in between autumn, self struggle for maintain internal security and repel foreign invasion". "But because the Kuomintang KMT government policy, the Japanese imperialist aggression ambition of China more arrogant, and finally led to the disaster of war. The two truth is ultimately doomed not to resist the "918 incident" after the massacre in the China people       acts of aggression against Japan, shocked and indignant from all walks of life. At that time, the Japanese Kwantung Army less than 20 thousand people, 200 thousand in the northeast. In addition to a small part of the military resistance, the Northeast Army adhere to the policy of non resistance". After the incident, the Northeast Army Staff相关的主题文章: