80Bank President leaked passwords 2 million 570 thousand personal information stolen bank|Bank President leaked passwords 2 million 570 thousand personal information stolen bank5

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The governor of the bank password 2 million 570 thousand bank personal information was stolen cctv.com news in daily life, many people have received need loans such as telephone harassment, and many such calls, the other party can directly call out the name or name, it is obvious that our personal information leaked. But if the other side you have in the bank loan number? What is the use? How the credit situation, the number of home deposits and other information are clear, is not a bit scary. Extremely thin Si fear of telephone harassment could count Sichuan Mianyang Gong family business, there are two Internet cafes and a restaurant, in May 2015, due to the expansion of business needs, had 500 thousand yuan in bank loans, repaid loans in March this year. He was surprised, then every day he received a large number of loans to telephone harassment, especially loans directly on the phone, he even said Mr. Gong, and said the investigation Mr. Gong good credit, can provide loans to the. The bank’s credit report is a very personal credit record, which contains the personal name, ID number, home address, telephone, family information, work units; in addition, the main record of personal credit, such as loans, loans have many uses, how, what repayment, name there are several credit cards, the number of credits, there is no overdue repayment. Can be said to know this information, it basically know a person’s home base. In the day of receiving more than and 10 loan phone at the same time, Mr. Gong also received a large number of stock investment, banking and other financial harassing messages, especially the other mentioned "bank credit report", which he obviously felt their bank information was leaked, then to the local police station reported. The report of the Mianyang and Mr. Jin, who not only know his bank lending credit situation is very good, but also harassed his lover. Even more frightening is that the other side also know their children attend private schools. Find clues in the middle of the store to sell information intermediaries in the search group, the reporter entered the generation of credit card after the four key words, immediately pop up a large number of behalf of the credit report group." One of a group of more than and 100 people directly marked: bank credit daira detailed version, batch acceptance. And the message: the high price of 110, 11 in the afternoon before the declaration, to single more, a bit slow. Also left a contact phone. It is understood that the price is 110, that is, the price of each credit report is $110. Through these groups, the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment soon discovered that Mianyang local people selling citizens bank information, including the depositor’s account details, balance, credit report, home address and so on. Citizens Bank is stealing and selling information, and you can specify the query, the consequences of this kind of crime is very serious, for the small loan companies to provide targeted list of harassment are trivial, but to provide a hotbed of illegal investigation, telecommunications fraud, even kidnapping crime. Police analysis of such sources of information can only be leaked inside the bank, Mianyang, the local suspect is just one of the rings. The sea was found in the suspect Deng computer personal credit report hav’e up police suspect Deng sea computer seized the personal credit report up up soon, the police will.