90In the Iraq war song of tight Chinese soccer training time in the rain – grab Beijing|In the Iraq war song of tight Chinese soccer training time in the rain – grab Beijing6

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In the Iraq war "song of tight": Chinese soccer training time in the rain – grab Beijing Iran coach Queiroz because of the unfavorable situation 3 ball down two balls, the Orangemen will be domestic media and fans in the 12 season opener overstating the South Korean team, can defend the two the goal can cover the country foot exposed in the game, or will the quality can form the real combat, to ensure that the team in 6 and the Iran team in the first home court to take all 3 points? At least from Shenyang to return to the War Reserve is meticulous, cautious, the Orangemen down as they were outside as like that relaxed, facing the roaring "Asia’s first" Iran team, team spirit Chinese bowstring than South Korea only loose. The foot race training in Shenyang in the rain, the obvious problem of defense vulnerabilities caused discussion in the country full media reporter came to interview, if this problem can not be solved in time, Chinese team in the 12 match home court battle with the team in Iran, only relying on the indomitable will, will be able to win or get points? At noon yesterday, the Iran team take their charter provided by the military arrived in Shenyang. Because of the rain, the Iran team arrived in Shenyang at the Kempinski Hotel resident, to give up the day of training plan. But the rain did not stop the Chinese team’s training. In the media interview before training, Yu Hai, Yu Dabao invariably said that the current atmosphere of the team is very good. Reporters in the interview time is limited to capture the players on his face smile, but to judge the Orangemen under a light, I am afraid not objective. A reporter at the scene said, "rain must adhere to the training, it seems that foot is really race against time ah." Speaking to the International Football Association referee penalty habits China Football Association and the national team preparing for the relevant departments of the responsible person recently arrived in Shenyang, in other words, as long as the team have what demand, they will fully cooperate with. The Football Association referee Chinese office director Liu Hu arrived in Shenyang last night, the Orangemen once in the referee on the question of doubt, Liu Hu will be there. Liu Hu said, as early as in the previous two team training camp in Kunming, he has all the players were to explain the FIFA new penalty rules, for some major change rules, he instructed Fu Ming, Ma Ning two to participate in the round of 12 law enforcement to the training venue for active duty in the referee penalty demo for players. In order to let’s play with the Iran team, Chinese football association not only systematically collected all kinds of information on Jordan referee group members, even 29 year old referee Idha M’s penalty habits to players introduced clearly. China Football Association and the Orangemen meticulous preparations, but also reflected from one aspect, the team defeated the South Korean team, more pressure arise spontaneously. Yesterday morning, the coach group deliberately through video data checking during the Han national football game tactics play live performance, Gao Hongbo hope the players were able to recognize its own shortcomings, and timely correction. China believes that Iran stronger than South Korea "the South Korean team lost the first battle" and "back to the home court victory over Iran team does not exist a direct logical relationship, Gao Hongbo coach team and players were apparently blush