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A man in Jiaxing police station to take the knife to cause self mutilation is the mother-in-law on September 22nd afternoon, a man walked into the Jia Xingxu Lane police station, without demur, took out a knife from the body, stand in his neck…… what happened to make him feel so excited? Xu Lane police station Wang Xiaorong found the man’s strange behavior in the first time, he tried to came to understand the situation, but the emotional man, his right hand knife in the neck, while the left hand waving the police refused to close to Wang 410007. What really happens? Only to hear the man and said: "my wife gave me the money cheat light, children drink milk no money……". The police Wang Xiaorong hand to appease the man’s emotions, on the one hand from his mouth to know things about. The original man surnamed Jia, is a 90 Anhui guy, his wife is Shandong. Two years ago, the couple came to work in Haining, they have two children, big 3 years old, only a small one for 6 months. Some time ago, Xiao Jia mother-in-law let him 100 thousand yuan to buy a house, but Justin is only 40 thousand yuan, the money is split up and mother-in-law Xiao jia. According to Xiao Jia said he refused the request of the mother in law to buy a house, not long after his wife took home deposits back home in Shandong, he also went to Shandong to find his wife, but the mother did not let him see. "He" Justin was anxious, two children of a family there was no time to take care of his wife, he came to this a "farce". Identify opportunities and Justin Wang Xiaorong won the knife police talk for a few minutes, Xiao Jia gradually calmed down, but the rack in the neck of the knife has not been willing to lay down. The police Wang Xiaorong and Justin was standing face to face, he is Justin’s right hand is very close, Wang Xiaorong with his right hand, Xiao Jia Jia, do not move, then take it, or not, at this time the police knew Wang Xiaorong Justin relatively relaxed. While Jia guard down when Wang Xiaorong immediately left hand to catch small Jia’s right hand, and quickly put down the knife in his hand. Then other police also rushed up, quickly control the small jia. In the interview room, the police to help Xiao Jia simple treatment of small wounds on the neck, but his mood became very excited and tried to bite the tongue, the wall…… the police were only temporarily roped Justin is fixed on the chair…… the police did three hours of ideological work, let Xiao Jia gradually calm down. Last night, Xiao Jia sat on the train to Shandong, ready to communicate with the mother of law. Xu Lane police station also helped to contact the local police station to help them solve a family conflict.相关的主题文章: