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A new mother: you really have to touch the baby? Sohu – maternal nowadays there are many new mothers know often do baby massage, but like a mother filed a touching, naturally think this is a bath after the activities to be performed. There are mothers feel there is no study related techniques, it is not afraid of their own professional, so it reduces the chance to do baby massage. And recently the weather is getting cold, the baby shower number reduces, the touching opportunity is less, how can this do? Today Tina will come and talk to you, what is the real touch? Why every new mothers need to pay attention to touch? Let’s look at the touch of the concept: Yamaguchi obirin University in Japan a professor once said, when the usual touch refers to take care of the baby, the child conscious skin contact. So we can see from this concept, touch is not mother way how professional, mother to touch and hug, the action is extremely natural in daily life, a touch of what we call in. This simple skin contact, how much can play a role? Today, Tina is mainly from four aspects, namely, the baby’s psychological development, growth and development, brain development and emotional development. Psychological development: the mother is often full of love to touch the baby, the baby will feel that their birth is valuable, is valued. This is a sense of self dependence, and thus feel at ease. Remember the Tina in the previous article said, 0 to 1 year old early focus is to develop the child’s sense of security. At the same time, over time, the baby on the environment and other people have a sense of trust. So, massage is a simple but very effective way to communicate. Growth: have to touch the baby mother may find the baby sleep quality after massage will be significantly improved, and sleep can promote the secretion of growth hormone in the body. Can the body touch lymph function, help children improve immunity. Brain development: we know that humans have a basic sense of five, namely, visual, auditory, olfactory, taste and touch. The sense of touch is the basis of the five sense, the newborn baby is the most sensitive touch. When the mother stroked the baby’s bare skin is equivalent to the exposed brain, skin feel stimulation will be directly transmitted to the brain, this is the most simple method to stimulate brain development, can help the development of children’s intelligence. Emotional development: child massage forehead, which can help stimulate the prefrontal cortex of the brain to know the prefrontal cortex developed, self-control and execution will be much better, and people’s attitude towards things more calm, the mood will be stable. This is what we call high EQ performance. Since mothers know the touch of advantage, then we look at your usual self testing, and children’s skin contact can do some work? Pass a reference [10 professor "massage"] 1 self-examination table if there is often hold back or children? 2 do you often have children hand in hand? 3 studies相关的主题文章: