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"A prince called the most adorable dog" star Wang help release the pageant poster dog shows skipping golden triumph in the pack master show pet Sina entertainment news September 11, 2016, New World Department Store Plaza "a prince called the dog star Wang Saimoe – public pet beauty contest" pet themed cultural activities. Designed to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival released youth adorable PET film, a dog called the prince propaganda. All kinds of activities on the dog took turns playing the stunt, amazing; dog and the owner story is more touching. It can be said that dogs and humans grow together, with each other, is the theme of the film, but also highlights the significance of this event. The best dog turns staged stunt activities, corgi dog, Samoye, Tactic dog, the Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon frise…… Different varieties of pet dog turns on stage, along with the owner of a password, the dogs stand, sit, turn around, and even the dog played possum, lovely appearance attracted the audience applause, laughter again and again. In addition, the participating dog’s shovel feces officials also shared their own and dog story. Many contestants admitted that the dog in his life is not only a pet, more family. The company has a healing effect, can make people feel warm and comfortable. In the "after the show" and "story" two links, the game to decide the winner of the final championship. One of the top two were acquired by love dog kennel and dog Bichon frise each one Teddy. In addition, the organizers also set up a large audience for the audience draw links, so that each of the people who truly love the dog can personally participate in the warm atmosphere of the activities. Warm heart assist Corgi Prince released the mid autumn festival activities in the pet beauty at the same time, intended for a film "Prince called the dog" campaign. It is reported that the film "a prince called the dog" tells the story of a dog named Prince "Corgi, in an accident after living on the streets, a series of adventure and growing up to experience. For the movie, a dog called the prince of the release, dog owners have expressed their expectations, hoping to see a real interpretation of the dog and human spiritual interaction of the film. September 15th, the dog to see the world of the film will be released in the country, then, warm and warm, the dog will accompany the audience to spend a different mid autumn festival.相关的主题文章: