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A variety of high-tech weapons Chinese stunning debut Zhuhai airshow – Beijing, China News Agency, Zhuhai, November 2 (reporter Tang Guijiang) Zhuhai airshow 1 opening day, with high performance stealth fighter f -20, f -10B, -20, WZ -10, red flag -9B as the representative of a variety of high-tech weaponry stunning debut. At the Zhuhai air show on the first day, the people’s Liberation Army Bayi aerobatic team perform just ended, the audience had savored the high-profile China; air force ace stealth fighter f -20 suddenly appeared, two formation flying across the sky in a f -20 burst sound, accompanied by low flash by. "Look, that is the latest Chinese fighters -20 stealth fighter!" Many viewers point the sky flying hawk excited, tens of thousands of spectators glued fast aircraft flying in the sky; two aircraft flying at low altitude and turned over two separate flight machine and then a wonderful rendezvous action, and then quickly demonstrates a nearly vertical elevating action, show about 1 minutes after the direct flight from the scene. Show site moderator, this is Chinese a new generation stealth fighter made its debut in the exhibition is China airshow, two aircraft, in accordance with the established time of two arrive on time, completed a low pass, turning up to promote action, showing the entire flight lasted 1 minutes. In January 2011, the first fighter -20 demonstrator in Chengdu first flight, the aircraft from the most advanced technology, such as supersonic cruise capability, Gao Min McNair, stealth ability etc.. The reporter found that in addition to the museum tour, Chinese f -20, a variety of advanced equipment at the Zhuhai air show, on the ground of static exhibition, detonation -6K, Yun -20, f -10B, WZ -10, air marshals -500, aircraft the same brisk. Before the show booth in the middle, respectively is -20, -6K h, f -10B three star, -6K is the latest China detonation detonation improved 6, Chinese become a weapon to safeguard national security. Next to the detonation of 6K were high and "burly" transport -20, -20 is a large transport Chinese independent research and development, it solves Chinese air delivery problems, on the basis of Chinese early warning aircraft, refueling equipment will also usher in the great development period. F -10B fighter is China third generation jetfighters -10 latest improved, its beautiful oval DSI inlet, is the most obvious and the other F -10 fighter physically different; in addition, a large disk shaped radome in the display area in the air marshals -500. One of the highlights of the UAV is also the second airshow; with high altitude long endurance, police hit one of the characteristics of high-end military UAV "group" to show to the public, including the "dragon" and "Eagle" and "shadow" and "soldiers" unmanned helicopter five series high-end UAV exhibition. In addition, a variety of armed helicopters, the red flag series of air defense missiles, rocket launchers, a series of advanced guard system of precision guided munitions and other advanced equipment have been unveiled, attracting many visitors praise and hooked. (end)相关的主题文章: