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Travel-and-Leisure Who does not fancy a cracking family holiday for the summer break this year? Most of us want the same result – best possible package deal for the lowest price! But how do we go about sourcing these great deals? Whether you are looking for Holidays in Europe, Jamaica, Dominican Rep, Belize, Majorca or Crete the best place really, to discover deals has to be online – but lets not .pletely forget about the traditional travel agent just yet! There are tons of travel agents to choose from, including Thomas Cook Travel – providing access to over two million holidays, including late availability deals. And also dont forget Thomsons, First choice, Teletext, Airtours and many more Why not check it out online – Find best price deal – and begin the preparation for your family holiday! You shouldn’t go to the beach without suntan lotion, and you shouldn’t go on holiday without the confidence of booking with an ABTA(association of british travel agents) member. Make sure you book your holiday packages through a ABTA registered travel agent if you are booking from within the UK. The world wide web can showcase a wide range of lastminute packages for all tastes including fabulous all inclusive holidays and of course low price bucketshop holidays to suit lower budgets. You can search and .pare holidays, offers and late deals on many of the bigger travel websites. Top Holiday Tips and Hints Make sure yours is still valid if you are going abroad! If your passport is really old and you look like a refugee from the 80’s, get a new one – and quickly if you plan on going away this summer. Even if you have no plans to drive on holiday, your license is well worth taking for ID. Nobody wants to pay a fortune at the airport parking their car? Many experts re.mend relaxing and letting friends drive you to the airport. Setting lights and a radio on timers is a cheap and effective way to deter criminals. Make sure you don’t to switch off other big electrical items – except the fridge and freezer! Cancel milk, papers and other deliveries. Milk bottles and the Sunday papers piling up on your doorstep is a sure way of letting thieves know you’re on holiday! The last thing you want to catch is the dreaded lurgy while on your holidays. If you’re hoping for a good tan this summer, buy the best suntan lotion you can afford – and don’t go silly on the very first day of your holiday. A cool pair of shades can make anyone look super-cool on holiday and can help to avoid eye strain. If you do need prescription sunglasses, though, don’t to take a spare pair with you. Be discreet when talking about your holiday plans. You don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry in a fifteen mile radius knowing your house and contents is going to be a sitting duck for two weeks. It’s always worth taking something to read with you. Avoid buying books at airport lounges at the last minute – they are expensive! So the best idea is – be prepared, spend some time sourcing best deals for your holiday – it will pay off for you honestly, then don’t skimp on planning for the actual trip! This will ensure a great holiday at a good price – what could be better? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: